Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thimbleberries Giveaway Winner


Jenny from the Red Bulletin Board!

Congratulations, Jenny!!! Who is Jenny? According to her blog, she is a mom, crafter, junker, new blogger, antique shop worker, and soon to be Etsy account holder. Be sure to pop on over to her blog and say hello!


Jenny will be receiving all of the following:
  1. A sample size of Thimbleberries Hand Care.
  2. A 48" x 54" Thimbleberries Jiffy Quilt pattern called "Spice is Nice."
  3. A Thimbleberries informational sheet about their products.


Jenny, please email me at with your name and address. I'll send out your prize ASAP!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Junking Weekend, October 25-26, 2008

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Hello, everyone! I tell you...I'm missing the garage sales! Don't get me sales can be fun, but there is a lot of waiting around. You get there early to get a #. You wait for the garage to be opened. You wait until your # is called to go into the garage. You wait while people are in a tight space all jockeying to see what is there. You wait to check out. Then you wait until the house is opened and you repeat the entire process in the house. With garage sales, you can take a quick look, you're in and out and onto the next one. As the weather is turning colder, garage sales are few and far between in the north. From my little tirade, you can probably guess that I did a lot of waiting at estate sales this weekend!


Anyway, here's a run-down of the things I found. I was on the lookout for some things RJNJ needed (tarps and rubber bungee cords) and some organizational things that I wanted (wire baskets). Ask and ye shall receive...


Estate sale 1 resulted in 3 wire baskets (check!), 1 "no clearance" sign, an outdoor thermometer, 2 light cages, 2 farm implements (Big plans for these, fellow junkers! Stay tuned!), and some miscellaneous metal objects.


Estate sale 2... Tarp? Check! 5 bungee cords? Check!! I also found some tarp grabbers, 4 license plates, and 2 metal display pieces.


Finds at the third sale include 5 floral frogs, a ball of twine, another wire basket (check!), and another bungee cord (check!). 


Though estate sales do require waiting, there is a bright side...the people! I saw some of my favorite junking people and some of the estate sale organizers who now know me by name. There's also this one guy...I don't know his name...but he is at EVERY sale! I swear! Usually, I think he just tries to ignore and/or avoid me. Does it stop me from saying hello each time? Nope! This weekend, I actually got a short response. Not a smile or anything, but a verbal response. Progress!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Junk Calendar Photo Contest Winner!

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Man! What a weekend! My first blog award from Stacey and now two of my photos have been selected by Margo for her Junk Calendar Photo Contest! Here are the two photos of mine that were selected...




I've been having fun taking creative photos of the fabulous junk that RJNJ and I have been finding. I hope you enjoy them!



The contest was hosted by Margo at Margo's Junkin' Journal. Below is the beautiful cover. Read about the other winners on her "Calendar Winners" post. In the right-hand column of her blog, there are instructions on how to order your own "For the Love of Junk 2009" calendar.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog Award: "I Big Red Puffy Heart Your Blog!"

Pin It Sweet Stacey at "The Blessed Nest," surprised and honored me today with my very first blog award! I had visited Stacey's blog back in August when I first started the WhisperWood Cottage blog. Lo and behold, she was one of the fabulous crew that traveled with the Red Shed Girls to the Junk Bonanza. We hit it off instantly! Like many of my other dear friends, dearest Stacey lives far away in a different region of the country. Luckily, our blogs are a great way to stay in touch and share our junking and life adventures. You must, must, must visit Stacey at "The Blessed Nest" blog and read her informative and inspiring posts.

Now, from what I can tell, it is my turn to pass on the blog award to someone else. Now, this is difficult because I follow a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of fantastic blogs. Most of them are here in the U.S., but a few are in other countries...some even in other languages! So, I'm going to give a shout out to a couple international blogs and one U.S. blog that I visit. I'm sure you will love them as much as I do.

BLOG AWARD 1: SARAH @ "ABeachCottage"

If you are a cottage lover, you will fall in love with Sarah's "ABeachCottage" blog instantly. Sarah lives in Australia. She has an amazing sense of classic seaside cottage style that instantly inspires and relaxes me. Somehow, her photography captures the simple, elegant, always-on-vacation mood that she is able to create. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your talent with us! Her most recent post is called "ABeachCottage House Tour". Check out her amazing home!


Now, Anneli's blog is an interesting one for me because it is written in another language...Swedish, I believe. What I love most about her blog are the photos...they transcend language barriers. Her projects and her home reflect a simple, elegant, industrial side of cottage that I love. Thank you, Anneli, for sharing your beautiful photos and style with us! Be sure to visit Anneli's blog and you'll see what I mean! When I want to read the posts and the comments, I use a Google tool called "Language Tools" that translates the content for me.


Sue is just...unpredictable! I love her posts. She has a way with words and telling stories with such humor! Her posts often bring a smile to my face and a laugh to my lips! What is her blog about? As she states it..."patrolling the 'hood, rescuing vintage treasures." You'll have to check it out for yourself! Thank you, Sue, for being the self-described "unrepentant junker, yard saler, and admitted (and oft-busted) garbage-night picker" that you are! Thank you also for sharing your D.C. area hijinks and talent with your blogland fans!

Okay, the awards could go on forever! I have many other favorite blogs that I truly love! They will have to wait for the next blog award...if I should be blessed enough to receive another! Thanks again, Stacey! If you visit the blogs above, be sure to leave a comment for them!


You can enter to win some great "booty" I picked up at Junk Bonanza 2008! See my post entitled "Giveaway: Thimbleberries Items from Junk Bonanza 2008." You have until 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 30, to enter! Winner announced on Halloween night!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Giveaway: Thimbleberries Items from Junk Bonanza 2008

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As many of you know, I attended the Junk Bonanza back in September. It was an amazing event to be sure! Ki and her crew did an amazing job! As one of the early bird attendees, I received a great bag full of goodies. Now, I got to thinking...why not share it with people who were not able to attend Junk Bonanza 2008 here in Minnesota? SOOOOO....drum roll, is a giveaway so that you can be part of the fun!


If you or someone you know is a quilter, you will love these Thimbleberries items from the Junk Bonanza! The items will be awarded as a set. One lucky winner will win all of the following:
  1. A sample size of Thimbleberries Hand Care.
  2. A 48" x 54" Thimbleberries Jiffy Quilt pattern called "Spice is Nice."
  3. A Thimbleberries informational sheet about their products.
What is Thimbleberries? Check out their website...


There are three ways to enter. You can enter using one, two, or all three ways so that you have a greater chance to win!
  1. Receive one entry by becoming a "follower" of this blog. To become a follower, find the "Fellow Whisperers" section in the left-hand column. Add yourself as a follower. (You need to have a Blogger account do this. Want to know more? Read  "What is Following?" at Blogger Help.)
  2. Receive one entry by posting a comment to share your interest in quilting, sewing, crafting, or a related topic. If you don't do any of these things, maybe share who in your family does. You can also highlight any creative endeavor in which you participate! (If you are unfamiliar with  leaving comments, read "How do I leave comments on a blog?" at Blogger Help.
  3. Receive one entry for mentioning the giveaway on your own blog and linking it to this post. Leave a comment here to tell that you did so. That way visitors can link to your site easily!

Start Date & Time: Thursday, October 23, 2008, as soon as this post is finished!
End Date & Time: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 5:00 pm


Halloween Night! Friday, October 31, 2008


After the winner is announced, the winner can email me at with their mailing address. I will send out the prize ASAP!


If you have questions, please email me at!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Junking Weekend, October 18-19, 2008

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I didn't plan on doing any sale-ing this weekend. BUT!...something told me to get up and go. As usual, I'm glad I did. Garage sales are few and far between this time of year, so I stuck with the estate sales and a visit to my favorite antique store.


Estate sale 1 was one of those that junkers dream of. A house, a basement, a shed, two tents, a gazebo, and yard full of tools, metal objects, outdoor items, and incredible amounts of miscellaneous objects. The guy had been a carpenter, welder, tree cutter, etc. You name it! From that sale, I picked up the 2 aerators, the 5 signs, and that oversized spotlight in the photo below. The adorable windmill was found at estate sale 2.

As the seller at estate sale 1 was trying to remove the huge spotlight from the wall for me, I noticed these two mirrors tucked in between several other objects on the tool bench. As I was waiting to find out the price, another woman came in and started looking at them. I had flashbacks to the potential slugfest I wrote about in my post entitled Junking Weekend, September 13-14, 2008. So I spoke up right away and told her I was waiting for a price on them. Unlike "table man", she was respectful of estate sale etiquette. No slugfest necessary.

Aren't they gorgeous?! Great patina! Beveled mirrors! So much character!


Estate sale 3 involved the second day of the sale when everything is half off. I picked up these great rollers/conveyers that caught my eye.

These vintage ski poles are so charming!...

Anyone need a crest with the letter "h" on it? I couldn't pass it up! The letter is made of wood and metal. The letter is primarily wood outlined with a thin metal strip. The thin, scrolly parts of the letter are all metal. I had never seen anything like it.

You can never go wrong with vintage clocks or vintage locks. The printed packet is a last-minute bit of ephemera I found in a box of who-knows-what.

After spending quite a bit of time on the web, I have determined that this packet is Finnish. It contains illustrations that measure 9.25" x 10". Some unfold to 18" x 20".  I believe Sigrid Wikstrom is the illustrator. Here are the translations of the other terms...

Puunverstelmia: translation unknown
Kasiteollisuus Piirustauksia: "Craft Drawings"
Kustantaja Kansanvalistusseura: "Publisher Public Enlightening Society"
Taimittaja Laum Makinen: "Editor Laum Makinen"
Date: 1913
hinta 2:75: "Cost 2 markka (Finnish dollars) & 75 pennia (Finnish pennies)

Kansanvaistusseura (KVS), translated as the "Public Enlightening Society", is still a functioning organization in Finland. On their website, it says...
"Kansanvalistusseura, KVS Foundation, is the oldest adult education organisation in Finland, with ideological roots in the very same national and cultural awakening which later led to Finland's national independence in 1917. Kansanvalistusseura was transformed into a foundation in the mid-1930s. For decades it was the main provider of education for the great public, both as courses and booklets. In the 19th century, it introduced a hugely popular singing festival, which then boosted the feeling for both national identity and culture. Distance education courses were developed in the 1920s."
I think it's quite an interesting find!


Nothing is better than a visit to one of my favorite antique stores...Old Town Antiques & Books. (Sorry, they don't have a website!) What they do have are great vendors. One of my very favorites is Sarah Holm. I ALWAYS find something in her booth that I absolutely love! I've had my eye on this piece for a while and was astonished that it was still there. Well, today it came home with me. 

What is it? It is a fabulously beautiful column base. What will it be used for? This will be a "traveling" junk piece that will be used for ever-changing purposes. Some ideas...
  1. Architectural art.
  2. Centerpiece with floral arrangement.
  3. Centerpiece with candles.
  4. Frame.
  5. Table.
  6. Base for a sculpture, vase, or anything to be accentuated.

Leave me a comment to tell me how you would like to see the column base used. It can be one of the ideas above or it can be an idea of your own. Be as general or specific as you like. I can't wait to hear your suggestions! 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn on Lake Superior

Pin It A few weeks ago, I met hubs for lunch downtown. As I had arrived early, I decided to grab my camera and take a stroll on the Lake Walk. I wasn't disappointed. It was a glorious of those that reminds you of the simple pleasures in life. I'll let the photos speak for themselves...