Monday, December 22, 2008

Junking Weekend, December 13-14, 2008

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Junking in a Winter Wonderland! Whew! Snow...cold...slippery roads. You can't let it stop you! Here are some finds Hubs & I picked up the weekend of December 13-14. Yes, I know, I'm behind a week or two, but I had so many fun holiday tours and posts! So, on to the finds...


Well, let's just say that this estate sale was "pretty slim pickings." I found a blue fan to add to my collection (I'll post about it in January), two magnetic key hiders, and a wooden clipboard with which I plan to do a future photo project. 


There also happened to be a moving sale in Superior. We picked up a few little gems...a crock, a metal handled tray, a candy jar, a green glass piece, and a clear glass refrigerator dish.


Last, but certainly not least, was a find at one of my fave antique stores at Superior Antique & Art Depot. While there were lots of items that wanted to come home with me, I only walked away with a single great find...this great vintage sign! It's a hand-painted metal sign from a 1950s grocery store in Minnesota. The dealer didn't know the specific store, but isn't it marvelous!? It was all musty, dusty, and hidden in the back of one of their outdoor garages. It's about 5 feet tall!

After a good scrubbing, here it is on the wall in my dining room...

More projects, finds, and fun to come! Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chandelier Transformation

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The other night, I caught part of an HGTV show called "25 Great Holiday Ideas". It showed a great project in which a viewer had decorated her chandelier with garland. She basically wrapped the garland around the base and then upward. When she was done, it resembled the shape of a Christmas tree and it was quite stunning. I've tried to find a photo or clip of that part for you, but there is none to be found. You'll have to watch the show!

Well, I looked at my dining room chandelier and then the Pottery Barn Bay Leaf Swags I've had for a few years sitting just below it. (By the way, I don't see the swags online but they do have the bay leaf square wreaths and bay leaf garland.) I said to myself, "Self, I think it just might work!" So, here is the magic...



Here are a few more shots to add to the sparkle of the holiday season...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kimba's Holiday Home Tour

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Welcome to the Holiday Open House Party hosted by Kimba@A Soft Place to Land. I've pulled together links to all my holiday posts. Please click on the links or photos below to visit each post. Please spread the holiday cheer by leaving a comment!


Thank you for visiting and including me on your holiday tour. Please leave a comment so I can visit you, too! Then pop on over to the visit Kimba@A Soft Place to Land to continue with Kimba's Holiday Open House Party!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome to the WhisperWood Cottage Stop on the "Christmas in Bloggyland Tour"!

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Welcome to the "Christmas in Bloggyland Tour" hosted by Cynthia @ Muse Swings. I just found Cynthia's blog yesterday through the SITS (The Secret is in the Sauce) blog hosted by Heather & Tiffany. If you are not a SITSTA and/or don't know what that it means, click here to read about becoming part of the Sitstahood!


If this is your first visit to my blog, you will want to know that I am a "junker." What is that? Well, in short, it means I like to find unique items that others might consider "junk" and use them in new and creative ways. I love searching at garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, antique stores, salvage yards, and roadsides for any item that inspires my creativity.


What do you do with an old decrepit sled? Make a seasonal coffee table, of course! I simply used the glass from my usual coffee table.

Add some candlelight, a Mexican sugar mold, a vintage letter game, a vintage Christmas tree stand candleholder, and glittering silver and glass pieces to set the mood...

The sled has a broken handle? Great! Now we have a new candleholder...

The authentic Mexican sugar mold, bought at the flea market in downtown San Antonio, takes center stage in this setting. Now, how did I get those tea lights to sit up so high? I filled the cone-shaped openings with gravel from the driveway! Shhhhhh!

One of my favorite shots...(Can you tell I like to be creative with my camera, too? I try anyway!)

The ski display...all finds from this summer! I started with the metal container from an estate sale. It is marked U.S.F.S in red letters. It stands for U.S. Forest Service. Add the two pairs of wooden skis from another estate sale and the vintage wooden ski poles from yet a third estate sale. The wool blanket is from Sweet Salvage in Buffalo, MN, and the matching wool pillow was from the Junk Bonanza (I picked them up at separate locations on the same weekend! It was meant to be!). The four red and green camping canteens and mess kits were free from my parents' basement just last weekend! 

The mantle includes a mirror picked up at a garage sale the first year we were married. The garland was another freebie from my mom. See those pointsettia flowers? They are felt napkin ring holders I made when I was a young child. So simple compared to the detailed handiwork on the three stockings made lovingly by my grandmother! One for Hubs, one for me (the big one in the middle...I must have been good this year), and one for the dog.

Here is another of my favorite pieces because it was hand-painted by my grandmother. This ceramic Santa takes the spotlight in the cylindrical lamp base.

Hub's mother buys him one of these ornaments every year. Here they are displayed as a collection...

The tablescape...

Up close, you'll notice a vintage Christmas tree stand in the center holding the kissing ball, a house jack used as a candleholder on the left, and a car jack stand as a candleholder on the right.

And, last but not least, the reason for the season...


I have several previous holiday posts that you might like. Please visit the WhisperWood Cottage links below!


Thank you for visiting and including me on your holiday tour. Please leave a comment so I can visit you, too! Then pop on over to the Muse Swings to continue the "Christmas in Bloggyland Tour"!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A "Girls' Night In" Junky Holiday!

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Welcome to Another Junky Holiday Project!

This junky holiday idea is all about welcoming your best gal-pals over for an evening or a weekend. It's all about getting the girls together for a long-overdue talk-fest by the fire with champagne, wine, hot mulled cider, or whatever your fancy might be. If the weather outside is frightful, don't be discouraged! That's what a cozy girls' night in is for! Dive into those closets, basements, attics, and garages to find the best junk treasures for making girls' night in extra special. As always, your junk-inspired holiday can be simple, casual, and elegant!

Yes, that's real snow outside and, yes, the thermometer reads 3 degrees. So, brrrrrr! Can you let the cold stop you? No way! The holiday celebrations must go on! Welcoming special guests to your home for a fun event can be done in junky holiday style. Start with your wine glasses and beverage of choice.

Add a metal rotating stand that was probably used as a store display in its previous life. If you have those little glass charms used for wine glasses, this is good way to display them for your guests. It would be fun to make a small sign to insert in the top to welcome your guests, but it looks great either way!

If you know who is attending, here is another option for making your guests feel welcome. Use these chalkboard napkin holders as drink markers. (I started filling in the names of people on the guest list. If you don't see your name, don't worry! I just haven't received your RSVP!) Then use vintage clothespins to attach them to the metal stand. Easy, peasy junk solutions! 

Last, but not least, make your beverage center mobile by placing the items on a vintage medical/dental stand. Include a single white linen napkin underneath. Now, you are set! Seriously, it takes minutes to do! 

Okay, ladies? Who is coming over for "girls' night in?" RSVP by leaving a comment!