Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Junk Raffle to Benefit Baby Bella!

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Are you ready for the fab blog raffle to benefit
our favorite Texas belle...Bella Marie?!

If not...get to it!

Bella's grandparents are my dear friends Deb & CD@Talkin' Trash, and Bella's mother is Jenn@The Apiary. Dear Bella (she's unpredictable...like her grandmother, no doubt!) decided to join the world a bit earlier than the doctor's might have wanted, but she's set on getting bigger and stronger as each day goes by. She wants to go junkin' with her Grandpa as soon as possible. I tell you...junking runs in the family!!! You can read more about Bella at either of the two links above.

The "Junk Sistas" blog raffle to benefit Bella is being hosted by Amy@Trailer Trash and Theresa@Garden Antqs Vintage! Read here to get the full scoop! Otherwise, plan on getting plenty of tickets! This is going to be so fun!! Tell your friends!

Remember this vintage deli paper dispenser I picked up on my Junking Weekend, December 27-28, 2008 ? This item can be used in every room in the house! Don't believe me? Well, I came up with 19 (yes, 19!) repurpose ideas for this wonderful vintage item. There are a few ideas below. For all 19 ideas, visit my 1 Deli Dispener, 19 Repurposes post.


You may or may not know that I have a second blog called Junkologie that now features my junking finds, my new booth in Old Town Antiques in Duluth, MN, and any shows/events/flea markets that I do.

Well, just this past weekend, I was at an auction and came across these cute little vintage coasters featuring the great state of Texas! How perfect for this raffle to benefit our Texas rose named Bella!!

Now, you know I wouldn't leave you without an idea for these right? Of course not! What can you do with vintage coasters? Here's one idea here that was introduced in my Upcycling: Coaster into Holiday Ornament post last December. It's so easy!

Thanks to everyone who is donating and/or bidding!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Texas Antique Weekend: Fri., April 3, 2009, Part 2

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My last day of Texas Antique Weekend ended like this...


I had time for one stop at the Excess Field in Warrenton. This is what drew me in...

And here's Clark Gauthier of Barn Boy Antiques. This is all his great stuff! He is out of Grand Island, Nebraska, but sets up here every year...right under the Excess sign. A MUST visit for any hardcore junker!!


Beyond Excess and beyond Zapp Hall are a kazillion (yes, I counted!) more fab vendors. All you can see is tents, tents, tents.


What can I say...her booth draws you in like a magnet!

And here she is...the beautiful Suzanne!...

Aren't her business cards beautiful?...

And here she is with her sweet cowboy husband...

She was wearing this amazing necklace...

Great idea for old sheet music...

Great Clark's spool storage piece...

Hat pins!!...


I didn't see any flowers at Mylissa's booth, but here is what was growing! Holy moly, right? If you like smalls, you've got to experience Mylissa's place!

Mylissa (photo below) & her husband Dennis run this booth. They are out of Arkansas City, Kansas. If you can't find it at their booth, it probably doesn't exist!


Well, that wraps up the final post of my trip to the Spring 2009 Texas Antique Weekend. I hope you enjoyed the tour! My recommendation? Get it on your calendar for next fall or next spring. The experience in person is such an adventure!


What's next? A "Junk Sistas" blog raffle hosted by Amy@Trailer Trash and Theresa@Garden Antqs Vintage! What's it for? To help out the newborn granddaughter of my dear friends, Deb & CD@Talkin' Trash. Read here to get the full scoop! I'm contributing some cool pieces that have been highlighted on my blog! Watch for the post this week!! If you'd like to contribute an item or two, visit the last link provided! Otherwise, plan on getting plenty of tickets! This is going to be so fun!! Tell your friends!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Texas Antique Weekend: Fri., April 3, 2009, Part 1

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There are too many photos to capture Friday's ventures all in one post! I'll try to keep it to two. This entire post is about the Texas Rose Antique Show. Love, love, love, love, love! Let's ooooh and aaaaah all together now...

The first photo is obviously the Gypsy Rose...

These shots are all from inside and outside one large building. I think there were multiple vendors so I'm not sure who should receive credit...

This last photo was from a vendor inside the tented area...

Maggie@The Veranda PLUS Susan & Hector of Fundustrial

If you don't know Maggie (see blog party photos) or haven't visited Maggie's blog, you are missing out! But to see her magic in person...the ultimate junking experience! The photos below are the work of Maggie and Fundustrial (don't you love that name?!) who had glorious display after glorious display!

Is that enough for you? I hope not! I have to do at least one more post before I can be satisfied that you've vicariously experienced enough of Texas Antique Weekend 2009! There are several wonderful vendors I want you to meet yet!