Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Project 4: Beach Cottage Cabinet

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I'm channeling my inner Sarah@A Beach Cottage! I found this musty, dusty, blue shelving unit in an old shed at one of my favorite junking haunts. It's been there for years, but I just now really saw it for what is was...a beach cottage gem! Here's what it looked like when I got it home...

When I posted the photo above on my Junkologie site, someone asked me if it had been used for chickens. I actually think it was used to hold various nails and other tools. There is one cubby that is labeled "brads" in brad nails. I also found lots of nails when I was cleaning it. And boy was that a task!

After hosing it down and scrubbing it, I hauled it inside by myself. Yes, myself. Why? I was alone and I wanted it moved! From the driveway, up a flight of deck stairs, through the patio door, through the living room, and into the dining room. How did I do it? With a dolly and a lot of ingenuity! Let's leave it at that!!

So, now when you walk in through the kitchen, you catch a glimpse of this aqua blue beauty.

As you round the corner...

You might notice that I flipped it upside down so that I had shelves instead of cubbies. I thought it would be perfect to display my white dishes, the set of china from my grandmother, and various glass and seashell items.

What do you think? I love the aqua hue, the beadboard, and the rustic nature...a time-worn warmth that would be perfect for any beach cottage. The only thing left is to move to somewhere with a warm, sunny beach! :)

Join the fun!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Project 3: Owls

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Junkologie is getting ready to do a show in June (Vintage Treasures Market). To get ready for it, we have been seeking out and snatching up all kinds of junk goodies! In May, we went to a fabulously huge auction held at Island Lake in northern Minnesota. We came home with a truckload of stuff! To see all the finds, click here.

One of the items was this pair of plaster owls.

I know. I know. They're so seventies. So dated. So dark. But when we were in Texas for the Antique Weekend, my friend Olivia was decorating her daughter's room. We stopped at Pottery Barn Kids and she had looked at the most amazing quilts. When I saw the owls at the auction, I distinctly remembered owls there or in the PB magazine or somewhere. And I had a plan!

I started by taking the owls to my painting area. Here is the before photo...

I lightly sanded them, primed them, sanded them, and painted them. Here is the after...

Wouldn't these look great in the Brooke Bedroom from Pottery Barn Kids?

What do you think? Are the owls Pottery Barn chic? Wouldn't they look great hanging on that back wall? I might go out and collect some birch branches just to get a similar woodsy effect.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Project 2: Bird Print Frames

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In early March, I picked up this set of bird prints at an auction (to see the other finds, visit this Junkologie post.) They are original, signed pieces. However, the gold and green frames weren't working for me. Soooo...

I started by taping off the glass. I lightly sanded the frame, hit it with a coat of gray primer, resanded, and gave it a coat or two of black semi-gloss spray paint.

Here is the result...

Here is the BEFORE...and AFTER...

I think it adds a bit of elegance to the pieces. I love a black frame and a white/cream matte! What do you think?


Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Project 1: Pillow Dressing

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Well, I finally had some time to get work on getting the home ready for summer! With the Memorial Day Weekend, I am so ready for the summer time! This week, I'll be posting the projects I've been working on.

Here is a simple seasonal "trick" that I do constantly. It's not really a trick, but it is a simple solution to changing the look of a room without spending a zillion dollars. It's your pillows! Changing out the pillow covers makes for a quick rejuvenation of a space.

Inspired by my friend, Sarah@A Beach Cottage, I wanted to make my home feel more beach cottage-y. I changed out my springy yellows and greens to beachy blues and sandy beiges. Take a look...

BEFORE...the "spring" look

AFTER...the "beachy summer" look

They are the exact same pillows! For the set on the far left and far right, I changed out the pillow covers. For the two in the center, I removed the yellow linen covers to reveal the blue and brown striped pillows underneath. (NOTE: The spring covers are ready to go to the dry cleaner. They get cleaned and pressed. Then they are stored until needed again. Easy, peasy!)

Where do I get the pillows and pillow covers? These particular pillow covers are Pottery Barn covers that I found on e-bay or on sale in the store. My mom and I have also perviously sewn some before (see my These are a Few of My Favorite Things post from November 2008). I like to get the pillow inserts from clearance pillows at TJMaxx. A lot of pillows at TJMaxx have covers that are zippered and come off for cleaning. Even if the pillow cover is not your taste, you can often get a high-quality feather insert for a lot less than buying them at a fabric store or Pottery Barn.

Why do I do this? Four reasons...
  1. It's easy.
  2. I like to change things up constantly.
  3. It takes up less space to store a pillow cover than to store a pillow. So, it is possible to have a dozen pillow covers in the same space as storing one pillow.
  4. Pillow covers are washable/dry cleanable!
Does anybody else do this? Why or why not? Where do you find your pillows and pillow covers? Any tips or tricks?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Texas Antique Weekend: The Finds!

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Are you finally ready to see what I picked up at the
Texas Antique Weekend in April?

I thought so! Now onto the goodies!

Vintage Metal Lab Stand
Doesn't it look great with some flower pots added?

Porcelain Knobs & Pocket Watch
The perfect filler for one of those flower pots.

Stamp Holder & Stamps
Are your ideas flowing for how to repurpose this stamp holder?

U.S. Medical Cot/Mattress Covers
I don't know if these are official, but they are absolutely wonderful!

Ship's Keys & Fobs
I think this is one my favorite finds ever! Labeled leather fobs...each with a key ring and key.

Enamelware Tray
I stacked it atop my other one in the master bath.

Metal Letters
Super heavy and expertly patinaed! Go, Aggies!

Cricket Mallet
Something about it spoke to me. I know nothing about the game!

Cricket Mallet
Don't you love the markings? *sigh*

White Metal Shoe Store/Shoe Shine Stool
It's hasn't found its permanent home yet, but isn't it fab?

Metal Medical Stool
It found its perfect home in the entry way.

Salt Shaker Business Card Holder
Had to buy one of these from Jill@Jill Suzanne! Mine is the one far on the left above the "W" in Wood.

Well, I have all but one piece. The last piece made its debut on the Today Show with Sue Whitney. Watch the clip above. Can you guess which piece will eventually make its home at WhisperWood Cottage? Bonus points if you explain your answer!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

7 Things I Love

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Kathy@Sylvia's Vintage Daughter recently honored me with this fabulous Kreativ Blogger Award. Too cool, Kathy! Thank you so much! Well, the schtick (is that a word?) with this award is that you have to identify seven things you love. Seven? Only seven? Wow! How could I possibly limit to seven? There's so much to love in this world! Let's get to the lovin'!

I love...









So, I wonder if there are any Kreativ Bloggers out there? I think I've seen one or two here and there. Kidding! I am surrounded by creative bloggers everywhere I turn! Again, how do I name only seven? It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Here are 7 ladies (some I've known for a while, others I've met just recently) who inspire me with each and every blog post. Be sure to visit them and add them to your favorites!
  1. Candy@Junk Sophisticate...great photos of great junking projects...need I say more?
  2. Sarah@Thrifty Decor Chic...her blog title says it all.
  3. Crystal@Olive Rue...jealous of her new blog upgrades!
  4. Blondie 'N' SC...she finds and/or creates the most inspiring images!
  5. does she have time for all those projects?
  6. Joy@Joys of Home...ideas galore!!
  7. Kim@Twice Remembered...check out this gumball machine post!
Okay, girls, pass on the bloggy love! If you choose to participate, share 7 things that you love and pass the Kreativ Blogger Award on to 7 people that inspire you. Please remember to link back to this post! That's all there is to it.