Monday, June 29, 2009

Vintage Treasures Market was FINE!

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Well the Vintage Treasures Market was F-I-N-E. A little (very little!) R&R mixed with a whole lot of time and effort marked Junkologie's 3rd world appearance and first real "show." After throwing on my Yellow Box flip-flops (picked up in Texas upon the recommendation of my wise friend, Deb@Talking Trash), I was ready to go! Here was the entrance to the tent...

To see photos of the tons of treasures I brought to the Vintage Treasures Market, click here!!! While my focus was selling, I had my eye on a few treasures. I traded this chaise below...

for this cabinet that was being used a food stand during the show...

It has since been moved into my living room. Photos of how it is being used will come soon...

Please visit the Junkologie blog to see more photos of our booth at the show. You can also visit see photos of the other vendors and people who made the show so much fun!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WhisperWood Cottage News Update

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Lots of exciting things going on around here...I can barely keep up! This post includes news about a contest prize, blog award, blogging junk event, Follower Feature update, and upcoming Junkologie show. Are you ready? Let's get started...


Back in May, I was honored to win the Ugliest Light Fixture in the World Contest over at Junk Camp. Ki & Matthew posted photos of three ugly light fixtures and challenged readers to come up with a way to makeover the fixture. The fixtures were seriously ugly...see them here. I suggested...
For that first silver one, how about a coat/hat rack? Mount it flat against the wall. Attach a door knob or pull to each stem. For an personalized touch, mount a round frame or object in the center. Hang hats, coats, etc.
Here is what they came up with...

To see more photos of their final project, click here! Turns out I won a prize! A $100 gift certificate to the Junk Revolution site. Any suggestions on how I should spend my prize?


It's official! Pam@ Frippery says my blog is fabulous! Don't believe me? Read about it here! I'm not one to argue with Pam, so I'll be happy to accept this award with a smile! And I'm passing it on to these fab 5 blogs that I've recently discovered...

Kennesha@Me & My House...Crafty. Sassy. Funky.
Kate@Centsational Girl...fabulous, for less.
Joan @Anything Goes Here...vintage blogmancing
Ashley@Ashley's Busy...thrifty, honest, and a little bit silly.
Sara@Be Still and Know...Find pause. Press play.

Some of them have been blogging for a while. Others have recently started. Pay them a visit and tell them Amy sent you!


You are invited!

Kennesha's JUNK PARTY

Thurday, June 18, 2009

All day long at Me & My House


One kind and observant blogger, Angie@A Book a Day, asked me about the Follower Features. Thanks, Angie! I am glad to say that I will be doing one soon. When Blogger switched their followers gadget, it changed the order of how people were displayed. As I had intended to go in order of who started following first, I wasn't sure how to proceed. I will press on and do my best! If you are new to my blog, you are welcome to check out my previous Follower Features!


If you are a fan of junk and vintage items, please check out my other blog...Junkologie. We've been finding the best pieces and getting ready for our upcoming show at the Vintage Treasures Market, June 19-20, in St. Charles, MN. Hope to see you there!! If you can make it, please look for the Junkologie sign and make sure to introduce yourself!

Whew! I think that's it! Did I cover everything? I hope so!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

For the Record...Vinyl-Inspired Table for Two

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It all started with this package from

The task? Create a junk-inspired project around this...Linda Ronstadt and vinyl records.

Well, when I think of vinyl, I think of Elvis and the 1950s. I gathered up anything I could find that reminded me of that era. Using the table that just received a makeover, I created a table for two using the vinyl records as my inspiration.

Here, the larger records are used as chargers...

Simply insert your silverware into the center of a smaller record and you have a great presentation...

Insert a pair of records into a vintage store sign display to present your menu. I simply used white paper cut to size...

Present your hors d'oeuvres on a vinyl record used as a platter. Top with a cloche. Set upon a vintage wooden stool to be easily in reach from the table...

Just for fun, add vintage items such as this authentic speaker from a drive-in movie theater...

A few bright-colored letters with time-worn patina add to the fun...

A yummy table for two!

Head over to visit Susan@Between Naps on the Porch to see brilliant 42nd Tablescape Thursday posts from all over blogland!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Project 5: Iron Bistro Table

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Remember waaaaaaaaay further back than that...I'm talking like...errrrrm...January? Yeah, waaay back then. Cold? Snow? Well, if you're in Minnesota, that might have been last week, but I digress. It was back in January that I first posted about this table...

I picked this up from an estate sale on a cold, wintery day in January. You know if the photos were taken in the garage that it was colder than a bugger outside! Brrr! Thank goodness for summertime! Well, the warm weather also brings the opportunity for getting those long-awaited "can't-do-it-because-it's-too-cold-right-now" painting jobs done. So, finally, the transformation I've been waiting for months to complete!

I removed the wooden top, painted the base black, and added a glass round (thanks, "FFIL"...that stands for Fabulous Father-in-Law!). Here is the transformation...


I have an upcoming post that involves this transformed table and vintage vinyl records. Here are few more clues...Linda Ronstadt, ZZ Top, and Elvis. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photo Contest Entry..."Time"

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Y'all know I am a fan of photography. I've been reading Kacey's blog called Wine on the Keyboard for a while now. I am actually subscribed to several photography blogs. Well, Kacey has a monthly photo contest. This theme for June is "black and white." I've never entered a photography contest of any kind before, but I thought I would give it a shot. (Wait a minute! Yes, I have entered a photo contest before...Margo's Junk Calendar Photo Contest. I had two photos published in her calendar. Read about it here.)

Anyway, here is the photo I submitted to Kacey's contest for the month of June...

Even photography can be junk-inspired, right? Pop on over to see the rest of the entries for her June photo contest. I think there is some kind of voting mechanism as well. Participate in the fun by voting for your favorite!

You should also think about entering your photo in next month's contest! Don't have a photo? Grab your camera and get out there! For photography, a lot of it learning by trial and error. Search for some photography blogs to provide you with some inspiration and instruction.

What? You want to know some of my favorites photography blogs? I'm glad to oblige! Here are three that I consider educational or informative...
(hope it's mine! pressure!...look for WhisperWood Cottage!)