Monday, November 30, 2009

Fireplace Update

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he fireplace project is coming along. You saw the what the fireplace looked like before and some of the earlier progress, but now the new high-efficiency insert has been installed. Whew! Does that thing heat!! FYI...In the winter, I begin shivering at anything less than 70 degrees. With a toasty fire in this new fireplace, the temperature gets up to the mid-seventies. Oh, bring on the cold, Old Man Winter!

We are adding a pre-built cabinet on either side of the fireplace for added storage of media components, firewood, and display. They still need to undergo a major transformation! You'll have to stay tuned for that.

RJNJ redid all the framing around the fireplace. The next stage is to complete the electrical and media wiring. Eventually there will be a flat screen mounted above, and we still have to pick out a mantel.

I can't wait until the project is finished and all this mess is gone! I want to cuddle up in a comfy chair next to the fire with a good book or a good movie.

Who is bringing the popcorn?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ready for 3rd Gear?

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ick those lamps into third gear! Here is a third masterpiece of a lamp made by RJNJ (my junking hubby) from rescued auto parts. The first lamp has a home in our entry. The second lamp was a gift to his gear-head buddy. This one? Sold at the Prize show in October. Can't wait to see what fourth gear looks like!

Start with a foundation of uber-cool gear-like auto parts.

Using a lighting kit, add a rod and a few more gear-like bits & bobs (not the technical terminology). Add some shine and shimmer with a glass hurricane surround.

Put the cherry on top with a gorgeous lamp shade. Voila!

The ambience? Exquisite!!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WhisperWood Cottage Master Bedroom Makeover Tour

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elcome to the full tour of the master bedroom makeover at WhisperWood Cottage. It has truly been a labor of love! We transformed the space from dreary builder blah to what I call industrial coastal cottage. I love everything about the room including the added storage, the comfortable bed, and the new airy feeling. It is truly my favorite room in the house.

The new flooring and wall treatments make all the difference for creating the warm, yet bright and airy, feeling in this room! Tricia@Life At The Zoo got it right went she commented, "The more you break the room down, the more I realize that what I really love about it is the perfect balance of light and dark." Thank you, Tricia! I think that is what I love about it, too!

Here, we added a closet clad in horizontal planks and featuring a set of antique store-front doors. Now hubby has his own closet and we were able to get rid of an armoire, a cabinet, and a dresser that were holding his clothes beforehand.

We already owned all the furniture in this room except for the canopy bed. Everything else was found over the years at garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, flea markets, discount stores, and even ebay. The white bedding is a combination of TJMaxx finds and Pottery Barn clearance items.

My closet was clad in horizontal wood planks. The door treatment consists of a door rescued from a university renovation and a salvaged flat track and trolley from an 1800s barn that was being torn down.

A second school door and track/trolley set is now being used as the door to the master bath.

The accessories for this room are kept to a minimum. For me, they evoke a combination of earthy and coastal charm.



Wall 4 still needs some help. I moved in this long bench (a $5 garage sale find!) that was out on the back deck. The weathered gray is divine and the length is perfect!! I'd like to frame out that mirror in a special way. And I'd like to hang those two windows somewhere in the room. I don't want to add to much "stuff" on the walls. I love the clean, serene feeling. I know the big white wall might seem bare, but it is calming at night and refreshing in the morning. It gives my mind a break. Do you know what I mean?

I have most of the closet done, but still have some finishing touches. Yes, it is looking much better than the photos below. Plus it is much more organized!! I can't wait to show you the photos! I still need to figure out a way to hang my hats on that back wall.

We added these top-down/bottom-up cellular shades to the windows. We have these throughout the house and I love them! I just found some silk drapes in a silver color on clearance. I only have two drapes though. Can I add one to each window?

So, that's the tour of the WhisperWood Cottage master bedroom makeover! Thanks for joining us!! If you have any suggestions on the things we are still working on, please let me know!

  • What should we do on that big wall above the bench? 
  • Any cool ideas for hanging my hats in the closet? 
  • Should we add the drapes or not? 
I look forward to your help! Until then, we'll be working on that fireplace renovation in the living room...

As featured by Cheri@It's So Very Cheri as one of her It's So Very "Cottagey" home tour features.