Sunday, February 28, 2010

SYTYCD Week 1 Project: Accessories...Weathered Details in the Master Bedroom

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SYTYCD Week 1 Project: Accessories

Welcome, SYTYCD fans! If you remember, I am a contestant in the So You Think You Can Decorate competition hosted by Alchemy Junk. This is the kick-off post for Week 1 of the competition. The theme is Accessories.

The first section of this post is my actual entry. In section two, I've included some additional photos and information just for you! And, in section three, there is a link for you to go vote for your favorite decorator project over at SYTYCD.


Accessories are a decorator's best friends! What simpler way to add personal style, character, and oomph to a room. On a recent trip to my favorite shopping place (starts with a TJ and ends with a Maxx), I spied these fabulous basket-style lanterns. Inspiration struck! I finally had a direction for a still unaccessorized area in our recent master bedroom renovation...

Here is what was in the room already. This fabulous grey bench, with its weathered patina, is perfect along this long wall, and it is great for putting on shoes in the morning. The mirror, though unframed, adds a relaxed feel as it casually leans against the wall. Since all the light comes from two windows on the opposite wall, the mirror helps bounce additional light around the room. Would you agree that this wall still needed something though?

Here is where the grey basket lanterns and a rusty salvaged "Y" come into play. Like the mirror, the "Y" is simply leaning against the wall. The lanterns, with a couple small candles, bring varying heights and some warmth to the space. Tanner was overseeing the project. Since he doesn't have thumbs, he is giving his ears up approval.

Mr. Greyhound (a rescued Greyhound bus sign) was hung just above the bench and mirror. I fell in love with him at Oronoco Gold Rush Days last August. The Greyhound sign reminds me of my own Tanner when he is out running at full speed...nothing makes him happier (except swimming!).

Two lanterns, a big "Y", and a greyhound later, this formerly barren space has some casual character. My favorite part is that the neutrals in these three pieces blend well with the other colors and materials in the room. As usual, I love to mix unexpected industrial finds with earthy traditional pieces.


You know I can't take only five photos of a space, right? Here are some more shots to whet your accessories whistle!

I adore unique finds...especially vintage/antique signs, rusty metal what-nots, weathered pieces, and junk that comes with a history or story attached to it. The greyhound draws me in on every level. A perfectly imperfect junk accessory.

This "Y" actually has a special meaning for me. Remember my inspirational vintage toaster project that featured the phrase "question everything"? This "Y" is a lot like that in the sense that it acts as a "Why?" It reminds me to reflect on things daily...not in a negative sense of "Why did this happen to me?," but in a positive way that creates clarity and personal empowerment.

If you are curious about the barn-style door on the entry to the master bath, it is one of my favorite parts of our recent master bedroom makeover. There is a matching barn-style door on the entry to my walk-in closet. Both doors were rescued from a renovation project on a midwestern university campus. The look was inspired by the closet doors that junking guru, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, put in her daughter's bedroom. Thanks, Sue, for your inspired design concept!

If you would like to see who else inspires me, please visit my new Inspiration page. I've started a list of other bloggers who provide me with never-ending inspiration in terms of style, creativity, friendship, humor, spirit, etc. That is the true gift of blogging and junking...communities of people who make our lives better. Thank you to all the followers, subscribers, and commenters who visit me regularly. You add to my happiness!


Please leave me a comment to say hello. Then...

Head on over to SYTYCD to view the other entries and cast your vote!

Voting polls are open until midnight (MST) on Friday, March 5.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Much is that {Vintage Paper Mache} Doggie in the Window?

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"How much is that doggie in the window?
The one with the waggly tail
How much is that doggie in the window?
I do hope that doggie is for sale"

I found this gem of a vintage (circa 1920s) paper mache doggie at a sale recently.

Who could say no to that face and these movable gams?

A vintage pull toy with lots of stories to tell, I'm sure.

So, how much is that doggie in the window?

This doggie at an occasional sale? $6.00.

His vintage patina? Priceless!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Out the SYTYCD Vote!

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The countdown is on! It all starts on Sunday! I'm getting ready for the big debut. I have to have my project ready by Friday. EEK! I've debated, wondered, stressed, and then just decided to be me, have fun, and not worry about the votes.

Alchemy Junk, the host of So You Think You Can Decorate, has put together a great cast of competitors for this inaugural season. Check out all 10 of them on the "Meet the Decorators" page.

The theme for week 1 is ACCESSORIES. Be ready to vote for your favorite "Accessories" project this Sunday night at So You Think You Can Decorate. I will give you a head's up and a link to remind you! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Lamp Marriage Made in Heaven

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Last summer, I found this cutie of a lamp searching for her lampshade soulmate. Searches at local retailers garnered zero options. Four months later, on one of my trips to Goodwill in November, I came up with a potential mate for my vintage glass lamp.

See that lamp and shade in the background? I didn't need an entire lamp, but it was sporting a brand new, never-opened lampshade in a neutral color that just might be the right size for my lamp at home. I also thought that the lamp had some other components that could be put to use in other ways.

I removed the lampshade to try it on my vintage glass lamp base. I also removed the small crystals, which were saved for a future project. The remaining lamp parts will not go to waste either. RJNJ can use them when he is inspired to create another gear lamp. Not bad use of a $1.99 Goodwill lamp.

The lampshade and the vintage glass lamp hit it off right away. They courted for a while, but are now blissfully wed. They initially called the kitchen their home, but have since moved to various locations around the house. They know that they will be happy together no matter where they live. After all, home is where the heart is.

I love happy endings!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reflecting on a Depression Era Sign

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Simple changes are my favorite kind of home project. You know...moving a piece of furniture, adding some artwork, changing out the pillow covers. Simple changes that make things just feel right.

This simple project involves a light that we put in a few weeks ago. See Star Light, Star Bright, First My Kitchen Light. We've simply added of a single piece of art to that same space for some warmth, interest, and inspiration.

STEP 1: 
A few weeks ago, we changed out the light...(for full post see Star Light, Star Bright, First My Kitchen Light)

(Move your mouse over the image to see the before and after! NOTE: If you are viewing this in a reader, you'll have to visit the post to view the effect.)

I added some character above the sink with this small Depression Era sign.

(Move your mouse over the image to see the before and after! NOTE: If you are viewing this in a reader, you'll have to visit the post to view the effect.)

Wait! There is no step 3. Unless you count taking photos a step. Nah, we won't count it. Two steps is all!!

The sign is an authentic hand-painted sign from the Depression Era. I picked it up at Sue's "Garage Sale" last August. I laugh at the term garage sale, because Sue Whitney's (of JunkMarket Style) version of a garage sale rivals any flea market, antique store, or junk shop. See herehere, and here. If you look at this sign close up, you can see the pencil outlines and the brush strokes of the ink. Old school sign making at its finest!

I've wondered about the sign and what it meant. Why would Depression Era employers not cash paychecks on payday? Perhaps it was because the employer didn't have enough money to cover everyone. That's just a guess though. Or maybe they didn't want the employees to spend their money carelessly over the weekend.

I love the historical significance of the sign. Like my recent inspirational toaster project, it provides an unexpected conversation piece in an unexpected place. As we all face the current recession, it also reminds me to be grateful each day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WhisperWood Cottage Home Tour...Be Prepared!

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Today, I'm joining Danielle@Transforming Home for her "Real-Life House Tour Party." 

For the tour of WhisperWood Cottage, there a few rules that one must follow.
  1. We ask you to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle and remain seated at all times. 
  2. Prohibited behaviors include sassing (Deb!), swearing (Cora!), bringing previously living animals (Cher!), and leaving without commenting (all of you!). 
  3. Do not cross any roped off areas (Sue W.!) or dig through any unapproved junk piles (Sue L.!). 
  4. Removing coveted items from the space will result in serious penalties (Lani!). 
  5. Do not attach beadboard to (Layla!), whitewash (Sarah!), or sew (Miss Mustard Seed!) any non-moving or slow-moving objects.
  6. Avoid sawing anything in half or knocking down walls (Donna!).
That about covers it. If you keep those things in mind, we should have a safe journey. Here is your ticket. We hope you enjoy the tour. {smiling}

Aaah, the entry way. The semblance of order and propriety at all times here at WhisperWood Cottage. (Aahahahahahaha! Seriously...I can't say that with a straight face!)

The kitchen at WhisperWood Cottage...a safe haven for cookbooks of all kinds. Do you have cookbooks that have been overused, need a rest, or seek the easy life? They will find rest and relaxation here. With a sturdy shelf and regular dusting, they will be safe from spills, splatters, or any form of use.

Welcome to the dining room...the most walked through room in the house. Due to our "save the cookbooks" campaign, formal dinners are a violation of cottage law. Like the guards at Buckingham Palace, you can catch the changing of the centerpieces at regular intervals throughout the day.

The living room is the center of the home where blog writing and reality tv watching happen for hours at a time. The control center (the couch) is the epitome of comfort and the preferred spot for buttocks of all kinds.


Here we are in the guest bath, once used by kings and queens in days of yore. It's updated amenities include a flushing toilet, running water, and one of those toilet paper roll holders that just lifts up (Translation: When trying to change the toilet paper roll, you don't have to deal with that springy part that always slips and flies to unknown parts of the room. We are high class here!)


The guest bedroom features the best lighting in the house (catches the setting sun) and the best view of the nearby powerlines (bzzz bzzz).


The favorite room in the house. Once a bio-hazard with green carpeting, now a sanctuary of peace and harmony...thanks to his and her closets. In this area, please make sure to be politically correct at all times. You should take special care to avoid negative barn references, such as "What? Were you born in a barn?" While it doesn't bother us, our barn-style doors take offense.


Thank you for joining us on the tour of WhisperWood Cottage. Your ticket is good for as many return visits as you like. Please remember that leaving without commenting is prohibited.

P.S. If you want to test whether your ticket expires, need to follow the doctor's mandate to exercise your mousing muscles, or you simply can't get enough of my witty repartee, then by all means keep touring. Here are some link to help you out...

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