Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Decorator's Version of Health Care Reform

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It was touch and go for a while, but a medical miracle saved this chaotic corner using a vintage medical cabinet...

Move your mouse...
For the this next photo, move your mouse over the image to see the before and after!
(NOTE: If you are viewing this in a reader, you'll have to visit the post to view the effect.)

Thankfully, the corner was able to be resuscitated!
Here was the procedure...

I found this cabinet at last year's Junk Bonanza. It was being sold by one of my favorite vendors...Cammie@Daffadowndilly's. It was missing one of the beveled glass windows, but that didn't stop me! A simple call to my favorite glass doctor took care of that!

One of my favorite features of this cabinet is the glass on the side. This is the view coming from the kitchen into the living room. I love her, scars and all!

It features glass shelves inside. Transplant pieces from around the cottage gave some life to the cabinet. I stayed with neutral tones and blues...

Remember my $6.00 vintage paper mache dog?...

I found a genetic match...his identical twin...on eBay a day after that post...

This painting is one of my favorites. I love the scene and the colors. A small trophy and a set of pewter cups add to the mix. No gown needed to cover up these babies!

Quack! This vintage duck decoy is a great piece of nostalgia. And the vintage chalk holder is too cool for school! {pun intended!} Strange instruments for a typical operating room to be sure, but there are no complaints from the patient!

I grabbed these two mirrors out of a display in the master bath. The telescoping mirror in the back is fab-U-lous! That was a find at Junk Bonanza two years ago. The smaller mirror is a 10-cent garage sale find!! Perfect for showing all angles during the procedure!

It was touch and go for a while, 
but the corner is out of ICU and just like new! 

Definitely health care reform I can handle. Thank you, vintage medical cabinet!! The doctor is in!...or out! Uh...whatever.

The heirloom clock in the photos above.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

One Chaotic Corner Gets a Medical Makeover

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This vintage medical cabinet...

gave this chaotic corner...

an instant facelift...

It's the decorator version of healthcare reform!

More details to follow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fresh Cookies and Spring Projects

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Full moon, maybe? Finally feeling relaxed after having a few days off of work? Whatever the reason, I actually baked something today. Yes. BAKED! I know, right? I actually followed a recipe, mixed ingredients, AND used an oven and a hand mixer. Whoa! The last time I baked something? Um. Yeah, I don't know. I took photos for proof!

It was all Kate's fault. Kate@The Starr Family blog posted an tempting recipe for making your own oatmeal creme pies. With my mouth watering and a sugar craving kicking in, I said, "Ron, I'm going to bake!" After his initial state of shock wore off, he looked at me quizzically and asked, "You're going to bake?" When the incredulous concept sunk in, he gladly offered to run to the grocery store to get the ingredients. We don't normally have flour, molasses, or any type of sugar in the house. Like I said, I don't bake much! 

Well, Ron and I both concur that they are delicious! I tweaked the recipe a little bit by substituting butter for the margarine and shortening. Other than that, I followed it to the letter (though I might suggest a little less salt in the filling). Highly recommended! But don't worry! There is no danger of this becoming a cooking blog!!

The remainder of the weekend was spent working on this bad boy of a room and the rest of the cottage chaos I showed you in the last post...

I was even able to use some of the prizes I received from Victoria@Whimsy by Victoria. When they arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas morning!! Look at the wrapping and the tags!! "A few of my favorite things" is right!

After tearing open the packages, I was one happy DIYer!! I put the pliers to use within hours. The level and the tape measure were on hand for the bathroom project and are now tucked away in my tool box. The Purdy paint brush and the spray gun will get lots of use this summer.

I also had some down time to peruse the new Flea Market Style magazine. I won this gem from Sue@Vintage Rescue Squad. Sue and I met through blogging, but we were able to meet in person last spring at the Texas Antique Weekend. She is the one that showed me the booth where I found those ship's keys!! 

I've also been cleaning out the closets and rearranging furniture. The sun and the warmer temperatures are telling me that spring is on its way! Time for spring cleaning and a fresh outlook on all things home and life!

UPDATE: After my mom read this post, she sent me an email. She wrote:
P.S. I told Dad "Amy baked cookies today!" He said, "Amy WHO?"
I rest my case. :) 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Junker Down in SYTYCD

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Another junker down! Actually, another four junkers down! The girls at JunkFest (Andrea, Cassie, Missy, & Lynette) were the next "non-winners" in the SYTYCD competition. Here I am with three of them last fall at the Prize Show. So glad to know you, girls!!

(From left to right in the picture: Andrea, Amy (that's me!), Cassie, & Missy...Lynette not shown)

Their photo ideas from last week are outstanding! Here are a couple of my favorites!!...

Yummy, right? Here are some photos from the project they had prepared for the upcoming week (I recognize the awesome scale!)...

These girls have definitely earned their name. It's always a junk party with JunkFest!! 

Need some more of their fabulous eye candy? I thought so! See their SYTYCD farewell post at: JunkFest: White Doesn't Whisper. Please go leave them an encouraging word and tell them Amy sent you! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chaos at the Cottage

Pin It People often comment how my house is so clean. Well, truth be told, I clean up before taking photos just like I would clean up before company comes over. In reality, we have the normal messes that everyone else does. As you might guess, we also have a revolving list of DIY projects.

Today, I thought I'd show you the chaos that is WhisperWood Cottage. As usual, we have renovation happening. Remember how our fireplace used to look? It was replaced last fall with a new energy-efficient fireplace insert. However, it has looked liked this for about about 5 months now...

And our hallway. You can see how it normally looks by clicking here, but the photo below shows how it looks today...

Let's not forget the guest bath. I posted about its original renovation process a while ago. It was time for a change in there, so here is the change in progress...

Chaos everywhere! DIY renovations take time. In between work and life, you fit it in when you can. What does Tanner think about all this?

He seems a a bit overwhelmed. I understand, because I often have the same reaction when seeing all this mess. I've tried to train him to use the vacuum, but he hasn't quite gotten the knack of it. Tanner, how about some help here?

Um, Tanner?

Any chaos at your house?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Linky Love & Blog Crushes at WhisperWood Cottage

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I made a virtual sticky note to remind myself to tell a lot of people "thank you." There has been a lot of linky love and blog crushes going around, and I wanted to pass it on!! So cozy up to the computer and let me tell you about the loveliest and linkiest of my linky loves...


I am so happy that so many people are inspired by my barn-style door project in the master bedroom. Nester is diggin' on the barn-style door, and I am diggin' on her oh-so-adorable-and-elegant nesting spoons. Melissa@The Inspired Room also likes the door, and her recent post about creative spaces for everyday things has inspired me to see new possibilities for organizing the closet behind it. Miss Layla@The Lettered Cottage included the door in her Houzz ideabook entitled "Tossed and Found." I might consider trading it for her über-cozy reading roomCheri@Its So Very Cheri and Roeshel@The DIY Show-Off both did features of the entire master bedroom makeover. Keep your eye on those two! Their blogs are full of ideas!


Turns out that Ms. Sarah@A Beach Cottage has a blog crush on my sloped and beaded ceilings. Well, Ms. Sarah, I have a blog crush on all your white-washed finds and beach-inspired style! Kimba@A Soft Place to Land showed some holiday love for my 4 holiday hostess gifts with a junk twist way back in December. Doesn't her blog name make you feel at home? After linking up to fun blog parties, some WhisperWood Cottage projects have also been highlighted by Danielle@Transforming HomeTrash to Treasure DecoratingDonna@Funky Junk InteriorsCassity@Remodelaholics AnonymousMarian@Miss Mustard Seed, and Cheri@Its So Very Cheri.


Stan@The Elegant Thrifter, author of "The Find," posted about Ron's industrial gear lamps as a form of "mantiques." Donna@Funky Junk Interiors also posted two of them on her sidebar as her "Find of the Week". So proud of my hubby! You should see the lamps he is making for the upcoming Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKETStyle event!


The JunkFest girls surprised me with a whole post full of bloggy love when I was eliminated from the SYTYCD competition. We are junk soulmates! Stephanie@SYTYCD also made me smile with her kind words. She is the hostess with the mostest! :) I enjoyed the interview she did of me and the post she put together!


Hana@MomTogDiaries and Nita@ModVintageLife both bestowed me with Beautiful Blogger Awards. I'm honored! To top it all off, I've won recent prizes from Sue@Vintage Rescue Squad, Victoria@Whimsy by Victoria, and Marianne@Songbird...all within a 24-hour time span. Should have bought a lottery ticket that day! A while back, I won a giveaway from Layla@The Lettered Cottage, and have enjoyed using the items in my decor. I've also been informed that I will getting something special from Deb@Talking Trash for simply suggesting a name for baby Bella's recent birthday celebration. What did I suggest? CinderBella's Ball! :)

Whew! That's a whole of thanking! I hope it expresses the gratitude I have for each of you. And just because you aren't mentioned doesn't mean I don't have a blog crush on you, too! {wink! wink! eye lashes fluttering} See ya' later, hot stuff!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Ship's Key for the Barn-Style Closet Door

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Ready for some more fun with photos?

You already saw the before & after and  "turned on the light" in a previous post. For today, we'll add a fun accent to the barn-style door on my master bedroom closet

Last spring, I was able to travel to the Warrenton/Round Top Antique Show Along with many other great finds, I found this amazing set of ship's keys with leather fobs.

I thought it might look cool to have one of them simply hanging in the lock of the barn-style door. The one I picked is marked "Wardrobe Master's S.R." Perfect for the wardrobe in the master's state room (or in this case...the closet in the master bedroom).

Here is the key...

Go ahead, insert the key into the lock...
For the this next photo, move your mouse over the image to see the before and after!
(NOTE: If you are viewing this in a reader, you'll have to visit the post to view the effect.)

Nice work! And, no, it does not actually function. It's just for looks! I love how the patina of the key coordinates with the patina of the door and hardware. Simple things like this make me smile.

One of these days, I'll get around to showing you the "inside" of the closet! :)

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