Monday, April 26, 2010

Recent Junking Finds

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It's been a long time since I've posted goodies that I've found out and about on a junking adventure. These pieces are from a while back, but I knew you would like to see them!

This great baby bottle sterilizer with original glass bottles was a super fun find. My plan was to add some flowers and use it as a centerpiece. Wouldn't that have been great? Yes, it would have, but it has already found a new home with a friend of mine.

While that friend bought the baby bottle thing from me, I had recently purchased this antique chamber pot from her. Won't this be a great place to store additional toilet paper?

I love the curvaceous lines of this piece and the patina on the handle...

Bzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzz! I love the textures and patterns on these two bee nests. I have a project coming up that involves these two bad boys...

My favorite piece is this antique brass shoe mirror. I've been looking for one of these for a long, long time. To find it in solid brass (super heavy!) is the icing on the cake!!

If you look closely, those of you who have been reading my blog for a while might notice something different in the photos above. It's one more project that is underway here at WhisperWood Cottage.

Do you see what I am talking about?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Making a Round and Transforming Yourself: Inspiration from Fellow Bloggers

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Several weeks ago, I read a post by Laura@White Spray Paint. She wrote:
Although there are some self-imposed calls on my time (my garden, blogging, spring cleaning), I am ‘making a round’ right now.
‘Making a round’ is a term my father used my entire life to signify he was off to check on things on the ranch or at his farm. It involved driving around to look at things- to check on things.
Where I live, people may also say something very loosely translated (in that hybrid of Spanish/English) like-
“I am going to make a little vuelta.” (in the Spanish pronunciation substitute a w for the v)
So I am making a round. I am on a little vuelta.
As I read Laura's post, I felt a tug, a connection to this woman whom I had never met before. It's as if she were speaking about what I, my heart, and my soul are experiencing. I feel as if I am on a little vuelta in my life right now. Making a round. Checking on things. What is working. What is not. What is important. What can be released. What brings me true joy.

I believe that everything happens for a the exact right time and the exact right place with the exact right people. Everything is a message...those life whispers that grow louder and louder until you pay attention to them. Have you ever ignored those whispers until they yelled in your face and knocked you down? I have. And now I am listening. With great intent. Making the rounds. Checking every fence post and gate latch.

While there are so many wonderful things on my ranch (in my life) that I would not change, there are are also some weeds that have grown out of control and some buildings that have grown into disrepair. It makes me sad and makes me wonder how I let those things get that way. Gratefully, I know that we all have the innate wisdom and power to create the ranch (the life) that we want to have. We simply have to turn off the noise, become comfortable with the silence, listen to the whispers, and follow our inspirations.

Danielle@Transforming Home is doing just that. In her post about transforming herself, she writes:
I am becoming more and more conscious about the choices I am making, and spending a lot of my time at the computer just doesn't seem right anymore.
I need to be outside.
I need to exercise.
I need to meditate and visualize.
I need to read more.
I love that Danielle has made a round. On her little vuelta, she has rediscovered things that bring her great joy and satisfaction. She is creating herself and her life.

As my favorite quote says...
"Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself."
I am inspired by these women as I continue my journey, my round, my little vuelta. I find that my realizations and needs are very similar to Danielle's. I've discovered that I desire to create a simpler life so that I have the time and energy to enjoy each moment. That is more in line with my true self, and I feel that I am now headed in the right direction.

Have you ever made a round, or made a little vuelta, to check in on your life? What did you discover?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Secret is Out!

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The Suspense is OVER...

The Secret is OUT...

Now let the FUN & Magic begin!

Welcome, and let me introduce you to...

The DIY Club...led by a group of 5 bloggers:

The DIY Club will host a joint Linky BLOG HOP on the 1st FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH. The 1st event will take place on MAY 7th.

And we want you to link up with your projects!

This event is VENDOR SPONSORED so you will need to use at least one of the products on the list for your project. You do not have to use all of them. You can use more than one, if you would like, but you MUST USE AT LEAST ONE OF THEM.

You MUST take a picture of your project and have the products you used in the photograph. (DO NOT include products that are not on the list.) You can do any project that you want as long as you use one of the vendor products and take a picture of your project with the products. 

You can post as many projects as you would like but you want to post your best projects if you want to win. You only need to post (each of) your projects one time. You can post your projects on any of the 5 blogs and we will all see it. It is the same linked party, so there is no need to post to each blog. 

Since it is a BLOG HOP, you can grab the code (just under the linked pictures on the left) and post it to your blog to help pass the word and have more people see your project. Grab our button too and post it on your side bar.

Each month one lucky DIY MEMBER (that would be all of you who post your projects) will win the entire gift package for that month. The Gift Package will include products from EACH of the vendors plus other special give-a-ways we have that month. If you have a product you would like to offer contact

T H E  M A Y  E V E N T 

You can post projects from May 7th - May 13th (11:59pm EST).

On Sunday morning, May 16th we will post our TOP 10 list and you can come over and vote for your favorites. The TOP 10 will be able to grab the “I’ve Been Featured by the DIY Club” button. and post it on your side bar. You can call family and friends asking them to come over and vote, you can Twitter and Facebook about it, post it on your blog...Don’t be shy!--ASK people for their vote. Voting will be from Sunday, May 16th until Thursday, May 20th.

On May 21st we will announce the CROWNED WINNER who received the most votes and announce the products for the next party. We are all looking forward to seeing all of your creative projects. The crowned winner can post this special button on his/her blog...


The vendors who have products being used in the linky contest will be participating for an entire year—some of the vendors may have a large list of products and so their products may rotate while others will have the same products every month. We hope the vendor list will continue to grow. We may be adding additional vendor products to the approved list through May 26th.

For the May event, you can use any Gorilla Glue Product, any size of DISChanger, or your choice of DecoArt products featured on page 36 (Elegant Finishes) and pages 40-43 (Textures) of their online catalog.

Gorilla Glue



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Our Buttons

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  • *if you detect a problem with any of the buttons etc please let know and she will work on it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Big News Coming April 21

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Mmmm, yeah.

Big news.



What? You want a hint?

Too bad. So sad. :(

I'm sworn to secrecy until Wednesday.

{the suspense builds...}

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Capturing Time

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Don't you wish you could capture time once in awhile?

You know...

go back...

go forward...

make those good times last a little longer...

 or those tough times a little shorter?

Do you ever wish you could capture...

a moment,...

a feeling,...

that extra-special something,...

or an experience that has changed or could change you forever?

I think we do that more often than not through...

our memories,...

our photos,...

our stories,...

our art,...

our humor,...

our dance,...

our music,...

our food,...

our fashion,...

our style,...

our decor,...

and even our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

These are all things that...

express who we are...

and who we want to be.

While they do not capture time itself...

they reflect the significance of the past...

and possibilities for the future.

So what about you?

How do you capture time,...

express yourself,...

or honor the past, present, and future?

What moments or feelings have you've captured in your own special way?