Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Final Accessories in the Studio Makeover

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Just a few final touches to the studio makeover before it's done! The first is this simple artwork project above. I simply took 6 of my favorite 2010 images (which I had printed as postcards) and added them to this frame that I had stashed in the closet. Easy & breezy!

The second is this vintage wire trash basket. Love the visual texture & patina!

The third is this vintage Cosco rolling step stool. I use this to reach items in the closet!

The fourth is this white tole lamp.

The fifth & sixth are the vintage Bulman paper roll cutter and the PB pharmacy-style lamp. The paper cutter (sitting atop the vintage medical cabinets) was a gift from the in-laws. The lamp was purchased several years ago and was moved in from the living room to shed some light on the center table.

That's it! Stay tuned for the full before & after tour...coming up soon!

Vendor Call for the 1st Annual Junk Jubilee

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Junk and antique vendors! Time is running out to get in on the junk goodness of the 1st Annual Junk Jubilee to be held April 8-10, 2011. Call Jan or Miccia to get your vendor spot reserved for this juried show. They'll answer all your questions and get you a great space!! 

For more information...

Jan Heddinger 515-210-5841
Miccia Humphrey 660-582-0894

This post sponsored by Junk Jubilee.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vintage High Jump Photo Ledge

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Many of you have asked what the long wooden object across the bottom of the new fabric-covered bulletin board is.

Well, it's about 9 feet long. It has a groove on each side...

...and holes every inch on the front side.

If the piece is held upright, the inches are numbered from bottom to top, and it normally stands in a base like the one below.

If you stand a pair of them up in their bases and hang a bar across them, you would have...if you haven't already guessed from the title of this post...a vintage high jump set {kind of like in this photo}!

I wondered if this piece of the set, placed horizontally, could be used as a ledge to hold clipboards, artwork, pens, and tacks. What do you think?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Industrial Copper Light in the Studio Makeover

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Let there be light! Vintage industrial copper light, that is!

This rustic beauty was a score from Jane at Mustard Moon in Carver, MN. 

I'm a big fan of patinaed copper and brass pieces, so this light fixture was right up my alley.

It found a new home over the 4x8 fabric covered bulletin board made from insulation foam.

And it shines the perfect amount of light onto the vintage stainless steel desk workspace.

I love that the copper verdigris ties in with the greens found throughout the rest of the room.

Should a light fixture really make a girl this happy?

{Need to catch up on the rest of the studio makeover?}

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vintage Stainless Steel Desk & Medical Stool in the Studio Makeover

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The studio makeover still continues! When I left off last time, we had added the fabric-covered bulletin board and the white metal cabinet in this corner of the room...

Now, we've added in this great vintage industrial desk and white medical stool...

The desk is stainless steel and has a great cash drawer built right in. It was a antique store find several years back, and the medical stool was from the infamous Marburger Antique Show...from TOT, I believe! :)

It will be the perfect spot to blog it up...

More about the light and other details coming up...

Need to catch up on the rest of the studio makeover?

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You, Flea Market Style Magazine!

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Found a great little surprise in the new issue of Flea Market Style Magazine! Thank you, FMS team, for including me in your "What's Your Favorite Nickname?" section on page 3!

There are tons of great bloggers quoted and featured throughout the issue. I guarantee that you will see many of your favorites featured. From Donna and Marian to Layla, Trina, and many others! Ki, Heather, Margo, and the rest of the FMS team pulled together a creative and inspiring magazine!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage is Mintage!

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WhisperWood Cottage style is usually heavy on the vintage pieces with a few contemporary pieces mixed in here and there. In the case of this nook in the master bedroom, it was just the opposite. It was filled with contemporary items only...the bench, the bolster pillow, the mirror, and even the wall design. While I appreciated the look of it, it was feeling "not quite right." 

After reflecting on it for a while, I realized that while I love contemporary pieces, I need them to be balanced by the character of vintage finds. The simple addition of a pair of vintage ballet slippers (found at a flea market last fall) made the space work for me. It took it from not quite right to just right.

The conclusion?

Vintage is mintage!

(Awwww, yeaaaaah!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Master Bedroom Nook Gets Birch Stencil Makeover

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"Helping you make DIY magic."

WhisperWood Cottage earned its name from the natural wooded environment surrounding it.

Since it's too cold to be outside, I thought I'd bring some outdoors in!

AFTER (above) & BEFORE (below)

I was intimidated by the large stencil at first, but I found the process easier than anticipated. Here's how I did it...


1. I started by touching up the walls with my custom color from Mythic Paint and Purdy paint brush. The custom color was ordered to match the existing wall color that I have throughout many rooms in the cottage. What I like about working with Mythic Paint is that winter painting indoors is a breeze without the paint fumes that would normally wreak havoc on my senses! 2. I placed the stencil level on top of the stencil and placed it on the wall staring in the bottom right corner. While it normally recommended that you start at the top of the wall, I thought I best to start at the bottom due to the angle of the ceiling. Using the painter's tape, I did my best to get it in a fixed position.

3. I poured the Washed Clay color from Mythic Paint into the paint tray. I filled the 4" foam roller with paint and rolled it onto a stack of 4-5 paper plates so that it was wet but not dripping with paint. This prevents it from bleeding under the stencil. I rolled the paint onto the stencil. Magic!

4. I repeated the process 3 additional times to cover the entire wall space in this nook.

5. I used my Purdy paint brush to touch up the paint that I inadvertently rolled onto the ceiling and my 1/2" stencil brush to blend some of the seams between the bottom and top layers of the stencil.


Then I stepped back and took a look at my handiwork. Tada! It had a much bigger impact than I though it would!

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