Saturday, November 17, 2012

Industrial Pendant Light Makeover (Wayfair DIY Blogger Challenge)

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Hello, friends! How have you been? I've been swamped with life, love, and other mysteries. Actually, I've been busy, busy, busy with work. Not too exciting or romantic, huh? We've made lots of progress on our master bath reno, too. The flooring has arrived and will be going in soon...I hope! After that, we can finally get the vanity, tub, etc. put in. Yay!

One exciting thing is that I was asked to participate in the Wayfair DIY Blogger Challenge. I was able to pick between three items, and I went with this fabulous white pendant light. It's metal, super light weight, and has a great industrial feel. For this challenge, I wanted to create a sophisticated, masculine feel so that it would coordinate with the antique lab table in my workspace. With a gift card provided by, I purchased all the goodies for the project. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Duluth Junk Hunt Photos

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Junk event going on this weekend in Duluth, MN!