Tuesday, August 12, 2008

George & Josephine's Treasures

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On my way to an estate sale on Sunday, I saw a "Moving Sale" sign. It was a quiet morning and traffic was almost non-existent. The neighborhood seemed to still be sleeping. I didn't have high expectations for the sale, but boy was I surprised! Look at all the great stuff I found! This includes a silver dresser set (mirror, brush, comb), 2 collectible dolls (one named Amy!), 2 vintage metal planters, 2 clay flower pots (1 with plant still living), a vintage metal step stool, a tole floral trash can, a box of seashells, 2 extension cords, a queen-size bedskirt, a stack of vintage linens, and an exquisite canvas painting of Josephine painted by her husband, George. 

Now, let me tell you about the best part...George & Josephine (Oberg)! I did not meet George and Josephine in person, but I got to know them through their belongings. It turns out the two of them had recently moved to a nursing home together. I'm not sure what George did, but Josephine used to be a teacher. At one time, they took an art class together. The canvas painting is one of George's loving works that captures the love of his life. I can tell from their back deck that they had a green thumb and loved gardening (though the condition of the plants doesn't reflect that now). She collected jewelry, ceramic dolls, and silver pieces. They both loved art and their collection of art materials showed it. There was such a positive energy in the house and that means a lot when you are looking to "adopt" someone else's belongings. I was completely drawn to the painting of Josephine though I do not know or will likely ever know her. 

The moral of the story is that you never know what you will find and what kind of story you become a part of when you are on a junking junket (journey). Here are some more photos of the items. You'll have to wait until later posts to see what transformation they've had and what kind of home they've found.

My great new potted plant (I'll post what I did with it later), the step stool which now has a home in my linen closet (I need a stool in every room of the house!), and the stunning tole trash can which is currently holding oddly-sized tall things (like a tripod, yardstick, etc.) in my office.

Noel & Amy...these collectible dolls will likely be special gifts for my niece.

A great perspective on the trash can and it's afternoon shadow.

The various linens...linen tablecloths & napkins, dish towels, table runners, 2 pillow covers, and a bedskirt...

A recipe for "Sill (Herring) Salad" in beautiful nordic colors. I'm not sure about the recipe but the towel is fun and fits great with the summery kitchen look I currently have!

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