Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Junking Weekend: August 2 & 3

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Here are the treasures I brought home on Saturday, August 2...

  • 1 free cushion for my outdoor couch
  • 1 free shoe rack
  • 2 wood pillars
  • 1 small round deck table
  • 18 pieces of faux veggies
  • 1 metal medical table
  • 1 metal multi-clip
  • 1 vintage hose reel



Now, you might ask...what in the world did she do with these things?

The cushion and shoe rack ended up going to Goodwill. 

The faux veggies were used as colorful filler in an old candy store display, then put in a place of honor above the kitchen cabinets...


The pillars are still being refinished but will be put to good use. The small round table is on the deck. The metal multi-clip, which I think was originally designed to hold brooms, was mounted in a closet and repurposed as a plastic bag has been a lifesaver! The hose reel is being used as a hose reel! :) And, finally, the white medical table was cleaned up. I cut 2 cork tiles (picked up at a garage sale on a different day for 25 cents each) to fit the top. The table is now in the office/guest room. In the future, it may get a fresh coat of white paint, but we'll have to see.

Here are some more treasures brought home on Sunday, August 3...

RJNJ & I ended up going back to the same estate sale on Sunday. Most things would be 50% off and they had lots of tools and such there. We ended up getting several things...
  • 2 vintage barkcloth drapery tie-backs

  • 2 vintage white enamelware refrigerator drawers with glass lids

  • 1 vintage white enamelware large rectangular pan with lid

  • 1 styrofoam cooler with some beer logo on the side
I think the refrigerator drawers will be used to organize items in the utility closet, but I'm still undecided. As you can see, the enamelware pan is being used to hold laundry items. Ron gave the styrofoam cooler to a friend who has a penchant for the particular kind of beer it was advertising. 

The drapery tie-backs (25 or 50 cents) were "married" to a garage sale find from last summer. Wait until you see it! You saw the tie-backs above. Here was the other piece...a small black folding rack or stool that I got for 50 cents...

I painted it a coat of creamy white and attached the tie-backs. It now makes for a stunning cottage-y luggage rack, don't you think? Not bad for $1.00 and some paint, eh?


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