Monday, August 18, 2008

Oronoco Flow

Pin It Well, kids, here are a few things I picked up at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days. The day that started off foggy and misty turned hot and August should be...perfect for antiquing!

Here's one of my favorite finds. It's an old dental stool from the 1800s. It has horsehair stuffing in the seat. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but it pivots in all directions on the socket at the base of the stool. I suppose this was so the dentist could angle himself as needed. It also has a lever to raise and lower the seat. I've never seen a stool like it and I love it!

Another treasure is this enamelware wall sink. She had fresh hydrangeas in it and looked gorgeous!

A street sign like this is hard to find, so I lucked out! In one of the JunkMarket books, I saw one made into a coat rack. This one might have a future as one as well. Right now, it is simply industrial art in the living room.

Okay, now I have some mixed emotions about these bar stools. I was looking for 4 more industrial/metal bar stools to replace the pine ones we have now. The vendor had gotten these from an estate sale outside of Chicago. They are in great shape for their age and did not have any flaws in the vinyl or anything. When I got home, I was eagerly unloading the truck to get them inside to see how they looked. Wah. Wah. Wah. They were too tall! Duh! Bar height stools. Counter height counter. Double duh! Needless to say I was disappointed. Raising the counter would not look right, so I'm debating whether to sell them or to cut them down in some way. If you know anyone in the market for some really cool retro bar stools, let me know! There are 4!

Now, here's one that will get you! An old dental sink!! What will I do with it? There are so many options!...a fountain, a bird bath, a planter or plant stand, etc. Right now, it is actually being used in the master bath as a plant stand and toilet paper holder. The plant is sitting in the basin. The toilet paper roll fits perfectly over that top metal piece that could also serve as a towel holder.

There are a couple other pieces of which I don't have close-up photos. Those will be getting makeovers of some sort.

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