Friday, August 15, 2008

Striking Gold at Gold Rush Days!

Pin It Well, what a time at Gold Rush Days in Oronoco! My hotel alarm did not go off as planned, but I still woke up at 4:45 a.m. (only 15 minutes after that pesky alarm should have buzzed!) and was on the foggy road about 5:20 a.m. I pulled into Oronoco around 6:00 and found that people were already active. I found one of the many residents who rent out their lawns for parking spaces. I gladly paid $5.00 for a prime spot and headed out to see what I could see. 

The town was shrouded in misty fog that gave it a magical quality. Vendors were setting up everywhere. The ground was still damp from the previous evening's rains. But there was energy in the air. Others like me were already headed about with their rolling carts to find their treasures. Here are some things that were interesting, beautiful, or clever...



A bit later, I made it to the JunkMarket booth. I saw a petite, blonde woman who looked somewhat familiar. "Are you Sue?", I asked? After a warm greeting from her, Sue Whitney & I became fast friends. She is fabulous! High energy, positive attitude, creative mind...she does everything with flair! I later brought my 2 books and 1 magazine by for her to autograph. I came back again about 12:30 and we walked around the booths a bit. I showed her some things I bought, she shared her inventive ideas, she introduced me to people, I introduced her to a vendor I met earlier. Just an all around great time. There is a great chance I will get to work with her professionally in the future...more on that later!!! Here are some photos of the JunkMarket booth...


As the day went on, I did find some things to adopt. I'll reveal those in later posts. There's a great system at Oronoco that helps people pick up their items. There are guys that drive around with 4-wheelers & trailers. You tell them where you need to go and they drive you there. Below is my view behind "Tim" as he carted me around like a Junk Princess on parade. I found out that he buys a permit from the city and he has his own little "moving business" for the weekend. There was a $10 charge for this service, but it was well worth it. I was so grateful for his help loading, unloading, and packing things into my vehicle that he earned a hefty tip as well. Thanks, Tim!

Gold Rush Days was a fun and positive experience! It was also a tiring one! After little sleep, an early rising, and 7 straight hours on my feet, I was exhausted! Here's to exciting adventures and to rejuvenating rests that follow them. Cheers!

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