Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Transformation & Synchronization

Pin It Here's a recent "joining together" of several items. I had purchased an antique washstand at an antique store in Hayward, WI, last summer with my mom. It was a bit wobbly, so hubs rewelded some things to make it more sturdy. Here is what it looked like...

It's been like a wayward child for the last year...not really having a home, not fitting in, etc. I thought about using it as a table, a plant stand, a towel rack, etc. I just wasn't sure. The other day, I gave it a light sanding and painted it a creamy white...

Now, it still didn't have a home or a purpose. Until...(get ready for the big reveal!) I teamed it up with some items from the moving sale in the last post. Underneath all the dead plants (see photos in last post) was a marvelous round ceramic pot (which I got for free) that fit perfectly into the washstand. Seriously, it was meant to be! Then what to put in that pot? Well the other pot with the gorgeous flowers (which cost 50 cents), of course! Voila! A team was born! Check out this stunning display...I smile each time I look at it!

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