Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What do you think?...Keep or Remove Music?

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Hear that music that plays when you come to the WhisperWood blog? For you non-bloggers, you are listening to what is called a Playlist. If you scroll down the page and look in the left-hand column, you will eventually see the Playlist and what song is currently playing. What happens is that bloggers create a Personal Playlist on a different site (mine was created on Project Playlist.com) where they compile music they like. They add this Playlist to their blog using a Playlist gadget, which automatically plays the selected music when someone is reading their blog. You can change the song simply by clicking on a different row. You can also hit the pause button to stop the music.

Now, I was recently reading another blog (can't remember which one now!) and there was a comment about removing the music from blogs because it is annoying, it takes long to load, and the music is usually bad. So, my question is...is the Playlist feature negative or positive? Should a blogger (namely me) keep the Playlist or drop in the name of reader sanity? Tell me the truth by clicking on "comment" below and leaving a post. My Playlist destiny is in your hands...


  1. Hi Amy! It is interesting reading about your "junking" experiences. This is definitely out of my league. Regarding the music, it is somewhat annoying to me. I would prefer choosing the music instead of it just starting. Just my 2 cents. Chris says "Hey" to Ron!

  2. I'm down with the music...as long as it's a little more mild and easy-listening. Just enough to hum along to. If it has too fast of a tempo it's hard to read with. Of course if someone doesn't like it they can always pause it so it's not playing. So the people that don't want to hear it can always get rid of it. I'm thinking maybe just refine the playlist a little bit, but keep it going.


  3. Hi, Amy. Didn't know how to e-mail you so I'll just comment on your blog! Must have missed you in Oronoco. I had a blast there. I go every year. As to Junk Bonanza, I'm actually a vendor there. I'll be with the Round Barn so come and say hi! And thanks for the compliment!


  4. Hi! Came over from the JunkMarket site. I love your fun finds you've shared there and on your blog!! So neat to see what everyone does with their Junk. Your dental sink/tissue holder transformation is pure genius! :)



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