Monday, September 1, 2008

Amazing Grace & The Magnificent Miles

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Saturday was a fun-filled day with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew. Of course, I had my camera in my hand the entire time! And, of course, I want to show off some of my fave photos that capture the energy and love I feel when I'm around them!


By the way (start your jealous rantings now!), I got a sneak preview and the inside scoop on this year's Halloween costumes. That's right! It will be worth the wait, so you will just have to be patient!


  1. Thanks for your comment. Browsed your blog and am amazed at the pictures-they are beautiful. Love your dining room too-I told Jeff I might have to steal your ideas. . . or I can just say you inspired me.

  2. Either way, you are welcome to the ideas! I'm sure I just borrowed them from someone else along the way! I'm glad you like the photos as well. I'm still learning how to get the camera to do what I want, but it sure is great when I get a few special images that make me smile!

  3. Hey! I just noticed! Now I'm blushing. :)


  4. I'm just telling the truth! I am always amazed how you capture the eyes in your photos! Some are just mesmerizing!


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