Monday, September 15, 2008

Junk Bonanza 2008–Fitness & Flea Market Shopping Style

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Several Red Shed Girls, along with myself, wore pedometers and went about our normal flea market routine while attending the Junk Bonanza. People averaged about 1.25-1.5 miles during their morning adventures. Some covered about 3/4 of a mile while others covered nearly 2 miles. 

I suspect shopping style is a key factor in the variation of distances covered. For example, I usually zoom around the entire place looking for specific larger items or items that catch my eye. Then I do a second loop looking for medium-sized items or revisiting larger items. On another loop, I get into the smalls and am walking at a much easier pace. Of course, in between all that are the visits with vendors, the trackbacks, and the pondering of whether to leave an item or snatch it up (before you see someone else walking away with it–THE HORROR! If you are a junker, you know that feeling). I tend to keep looping until fatigue, a full truck, an impatient companion, or an empty wallet dictate that it is time to go.


My suspicion is that other people shop flea markets differently. What is your flea market shopping style? What factors influence how you shop?


  1. I think the health benefits are great:
    1. Lots of walking - I, too, walk until my feet say "stop" - making a quick walk thru and then circling back again and again...
    2. We are generally in a stress-free zone when flea-ing (Unless, of course, someone walks by with something that really should have been in your hands.)
    3. We tend to carry water bottles - or should. I try to also bring snack bags - but have found vendors carry more choices --- I had a great salad at Goldrush in Oronoco and wild rice soup at Goldrush in Rochester.
    4. Many also add a social context to the day === me, I fly solo - checking in with my husband by cell phone and meeting up with him mid morning.
    5. And, what about all the stuff we carry back to our cars?
    At a recent physical, my doctor asked me what form of exercise I was reply "does flea marketing count?"
    Thanks for asking & looking at this!

  2. Hi, Amy! I guess I'll reply from a dealers standpoint.

    I think we get a great deal of exercise out of lifting and moving heavy furniture. I know I noticed it in my arms when I started doing this. They can sure get a work out.

    And yes, going to flea markets can certainly help get the walking in. I tend to walk at an even pace, looking for the things that catch my eye. If it's a large flea market, I don't go around twice, just once.

    Also, the downfalls. I know when I'm painting, I tend to feel it in my back for days after (I have back problems), but if I put things up high to paint it helps. I'm sure the bending and lifting don't help either.

    There's my two cents. Hope it helps!


  3. My style, is to walk at a brisk yet slow enough pace to see all the stuff. Quick scan of a booth, if it look interesting, then I'll proceed inside, and look around carefully. Then on to the next one. When I'm done making the circuit, I will probably go back for a second look if there is time. In Canton at First Monday Trades Days, you can't even see it all in one day, so no second looks. I'd like to wear a pedometer when I go there and see how many miles I walk. I'll let you know.

  4. Hey, girl! I usually do 1 circuit around a flea market. I'm like Margo where I'll scan a booth from the pathway and go in only if I see interesting items from the scan. I go up one side & down the next, winding my way around the market. Only if I'm still wondering about an item will I go back again. Oh, and let's not forget trips to the bathroom, lunch/snack trips, and trips to unload items at the car and come back for more shopping! I tend to tire after a bit, and this winding, scanning, searching method works best for me. When I'm tired is when I'm done. I can usually go about no more than 3 hours before really getting tired out. Going in the morning works best for me too (plus you get the best stuff!).

  5. This is so incredibly interesting to me! I'm doing a show this weekend (and shopping 2 next weekend), and am buying a pedometer first thing in the morning! I'll chime in later on my thoughts (gotta prepare for the show)....

    Couldn't find a way to email you directly, but I have some questions...


    Keep posting about this; it's VERY intriguing!


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