Sunday, September 14, 2008

Junk Bonanza 2008–The Event

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Well, the 2008 Junk Bonanza was a great experience! From a personal perspective, it was a ton of fun and I enjoyed meeting so many new people! From a junker perspective, there was lots of great "junk" to be discovered.

Now, I have so much to show and tell with the Junk Bonanza that it will be coming in a series of posts. Let's start with the event itself. More specifically, let's start with the "Early Bird" shoppers! Early birds pay a small fee and get in two hours before the general public. That means two hours with smaller crowds and less competition for the "good stuff." Here are the hard-core junkers who rise before dawn with caffeinated beverages in hand to storm the fortress.

At the Junk Bonanza, early birders also get a great gift bag full of goodies! This year's included the October 2008 edition of Country Home magazine, a 1-year subscription to Country Home magazine, a Nature Valley granola bar, Gorilla wood glue, Vintage Textile Soak, Thimbleberries hand care, Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Preserver, and tons of coupons and announcements for upcoming events.


  1. Hey Dr Amy:
    Can't wait to hear your perspective on the health aspects of flea marketing. I know there are many. One thing that was neat, was that one of our girls was 65, and I just wish my mom had that kind of energy and zest for life that this gal had.
    Maybe it keeps you young too.
    My feet were complaining by day 3 but I ignored them ;) I hope to be adding you to my side bar today. and will probably be mentioning your blog. There's so much to talk about.

  2. Thanks, Margo! I had so much fun meeting you! I am inspired by your ideas and your energy!

    I like the idea you bring up about keeping people young. You might be on to something... :)

  3. hello and thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. i love the name of your blog.. my husband and i honeymooned in minnesota many, many years ago and it holds very fond memories. actually we are form the midwest and he grew up fishing in MN. have a good week and good posts on your junk bonanza extravaganza!

  4. Thanks for visiting! I grew up in the midwest as well. Minnesota truly is a beautiful place...I love that there are lakes everywhere. They are so peaceful!

  5. Hi Dr. Amy--It was so good to meet you at the Junk Bonanza. Have you found a good use for your rolling medical tray? I think it's great that you're doing research on the benefits of junking. It might be interesting to talk to the spouse/family of a junker. They could probably give you some insight on how it junking affects us.
    Yours in healthy junking--Christy

  6. Christy,

    I enjoyed meeting you as well! The rolling medical tray is currently in my office/guest room and being used as a nightstand. I'll post some photos soon! I love the idea of talking to the spouse/family members. I'm sure they would provide a whole new perspective! Thanks so much!


  7. Oh man! I'm sorta jealous. I'd love to attend this event. Maybe someday. Can't wait to read about it from your perspective.


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