Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Junkerella" Wins the Junk Revolution T-Shirt Contest!

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Can you believe it!? One of the names I suggested for the Junk Revolution T-shirt contest won! The winning name? Junkerella, of course! I'm so excited! See above or go to the Junk Camp blog to see the beautiful t-shirt design. If you want to see the original contest post and all the great names that were suggested, go to their Contest: Name that Junker post. I won four of the Junkerella shirts. That means I can share with three lucky friends. If you want one, you should put your request in now so I can get the right sizes! :)

The t-shirts will be on sale starting tomorrow at the Junk Bonanza. And I will be there! Yes, I am already in town and will actually be doing some research at the Junk Bonanza tomorrow. Research, you say? At at flea market/antique show? Definitely! I am looking at the relationship between junking/antiquing/flea marketing and health. I'm just doing some preliminary research at this point so I can determine a direction I want to go. I will keep you posted!


  1. Congrats on your winning entry! Have a great weekend at the Bonanza...I'm quite envious! I enjoy your blog too.

  2. Thanks, Candy! The Bonanza has been a great experience in many ways! I'll post more later. And I love your blog as well! I especially like your post about establishing a junkers' group. You need to move to Minnesota...

  3. Hi, Congrats on your winning entry! very clever... I was at the junk bonanza on thurs. and I think I saw you, but I was to shy to ask you if your were the name the t shirt winner! I took some pictures and put them on my blog..come on over and visit!

  4. Thanks so much! I wish we could have met at the Bonanza! Next time, definitely! I will head on over and check out your photos...


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