Friday, September 5, 2008

Junking Weekend: August 29 - 31

Pin It Well, amid all the traveling and fun last weekend, I still found time to hit some garage sales...go figure! There was one on Friday that I went to with Mom & G'ma, one on Saturday that I went to with my bother & sister-in-law, and one on Sunday on my way home. What did I find? All kinds of fun "stuff."

SALE 1...everything was a quarter each...

There was really nothing super out-of-the-ordinary here. There were lots of practical (and inexpensive!) things that can be used around the house. I have fun things planned for the straw dispenser and the flag pole holder. The old lock is in good working order and those scissors have a pretty detail on the handle. 


SALE 2...this guy was gearing up for selling during Monroe Cheese Days...

This guy had some great things out but still had piles of boxes that were still full. The black object on the left is actually an old lamp from a horse-drawn carriage. It has become a wonderful candle holder in my living room. With a small tea light candle, it looks amazing! The small black box is a magnetic key holder. The fate of the other objects...still undecided, but they have great potential!

SALE was day three of their sale and he was ready to bargain...

That crazy tall thing you see is a vintage swedish coffee maker. The guy had bought it for his mother about 30 years ago and she had never used it. This would make a great vase, candy jar, candle holder, etc. The wooden pieces are napkin rings...I'm guessing they are swedish or norwegian in origin. The jar in the back is holding a ton of old hooks from a school. If you look in the second photo below, you can see there is a lot of them and several different kinds...not bad for $1.00! They will, I'm sure, be put to use in multiple projects.


  1. Hi there fellow junker! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. You came up with some terrific finds on your junking weekend. Love the hooks. They look spectacular displayed on the white metal cart.

  2. Nice work crafty craft! You are amazing! Come on down and bring some of those finds to my casa...I need all the help I can get.

    Miss you and LOVE looking into your blog every few brightens my day!
    Love you!!!!


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