Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pre-Junk Bonanza Day

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I'm referring to Wednesday, September 10, 2008, as my "Pre-Junk Bonanza Day." I had the best day! Let me tell you why...


My first stop was the office of the JunkMarket in Long Lake, MN. It is run by Sue Whitney, whom I met in August at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days (see August post). With Sue were her wonderfully fun crew...Kimberly and Tim. I also got a sneak peek at the cover for their new book to be released next spring. How lucky am I? With the forecast calling for rain, Sue leant me her umbrella so that I would be prepared for the Junk Bonanza the following day. Thanks, Sue! Here are Sue and Kimberly hard at work (Tim was working hard, too, but he had to leave before the camera came out...Did you plan that, Tim?)...



After spending the afternoon with the JunkMarket team, I headed to the hotel to prepare for meeting the Red Shed Girls and the group of traveling junkers that they are leading. The Red Shed Girls own Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques out of Grapevine, Texas. I had become a fan of their website and blog and, having lived in Texas for five years, I thought, "I'd really like to meet them while they are in town." Nothing, and I mean NOTHING!, could have prepared me for what I experienced next. It was FAB-U-LOUS! Talk about southern hospitality!


So, then when I get back to the hotel to check my email and make sure my students are not facing any crises, I find the announcement on the Junk Camp blog that I had won the t-shirt name contest (see yesterday's post).

So, after an amazing day, I called my dearest to tell him all the great things that had happened. I was so thrilled about the day that I even called my mom to share the excitement with her as well. I think she was just as excited as I was. Thanks, Mom! More Junk Bonanza reporting to come...

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  1. I saw your camera and wisely left the office. Glad you had a blast at the Bonanza and in town!

    - Tim


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