Monday, September 29, 2008

Visits to Snowman Hill & Serendipity

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This weekend was waaaaaaaaay fun! On Saturday, my friend, Taunya, and I went hard-core estate and rummage sale-ing. Taunya is new to the "game", but she was ready for the challenge. Two fun places we hit were "Snowman Hill" and "Serendipity". 


If you recall from my last post, Snowman Hill was having their big fall event. I met the owner, Krista Nosan & her mother (whose name I now learned is Dana) at the flea market the weekend before. Here is their photo again...


Taunya and I found Snowman Hill tucked away among the tall trees of the Minnesota Northwoods. Up a gravel drive, we saw a welcoming sign and some special fall junk items. We followed the path around the house into an autumn-themed outdoor area...scarecrows, benches, hay bales, and all. As we opened the door, we were greeted by "Bear" (a cute black fur ball of a dog) and the smell of hot cider. Dana and Krista greeted me by name and welcomed us into the space. It was filled with treasures you would love to see but, alas, I had left my camera in the car. 

I found some special items...some old stamps! The two larger ones are old postal stamps made of a wood block and a metal reads "Fragile: Handle with Care". The three smaller stamps are solid metal. These are a few of a whole basket full of stamps I went through one by one.


Another special stop on our junking day was Serendipity. The owner, Gail, was also at our flea market on the 20th buying up good junk items for her store. Notice the two pillars at the front of her walkway. I feel proud that someone as gifted as Gail bought them from me. That's a bragging right, isn't it?

The inside of the store was as amazing as the outside! Here are some items and rooms I fell in love with...


That yellow stool and scale are just dreamy! And who could do up a bathroom better than that? Especially that tub! Nice job, Gail! The bedroom is one of several rooms filled to the brim with great items and wonderful displays.

Come on! What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to northern Minnesota/Wisconsin now! There are so many great places to find fabulous junk! Wait until you see the haul I came up with this past weekend! You'll have to wait until my next post though. Stay tuned...


  1. I love the tub. Too cute. BTW, welcome to the jumble. Good luck, junkologie. Debbie

  2. What?! You had those fabulous columns, and you didn't let me have first dibs?!! ;) LOVE those! Looks like a fun time you had--those stamps are SO cool,and the store looks great. I actually have that little scale :), isn't that funny? Scales are so wonderful to decorate with. Can't wait to see what you ended up getting this weekend!

    Later gator :),

  3. WOW me and mother think alike.. LOVE the tub too.. I am sucker for anything halloween.. :)
    I am Trash Talking's daughter..
    Keep up the post..


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