Saturday, October 11, 2008

Da Boys!, B-day Surprises, & Family Bonds

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"Da Boys" were up last weekend to visit the hubs. Once or twice a year, they get together to see one of their favorite comedians. This time it was Rodney Carrington.


My father-in-law generously replaced the old light fixture (first photo) in our entryway with this beautiful tole hydrangea chandelier (second photo). I bought the chandelier from The Plum Tree Antiques in McDonough, GA, way back in July. I saw the fixture posted on their website and emailed the owner, Cindy, to see if was available. It was and she agreed to ship it to me. Check out her blog for great items in her newly opened "Christmas Room".



I was surprised to receive a package at work a few weeks back. I wasn't expecting anything and I thought maybe it was a textbook or equipment of some sort. Boy, was I wrong! It was a sweet, generous gift from my brother! It was a whole set of Lemongrass Spa products...Coconut Lime Vanilla scent. Thanks, bro! 


I recently received the lamp below. It shines on whatever artwork you place in it. In the frame is one of my favorite photos. It is of my grandma when she was on her honeymoon. Paired with a reading lamp with the same bronze finish and the centerpiece from a wedding, the guest room is ready for company!

Another favorite gift was from the hubs was a whole day of garage sale-ing and estate sale-ing together! Thanks, honey! :) It was so much fun!!!!


I find that junking in its various forms provides lots of ways to bond with family. For example, I am able to share various aspects of junking and flea marketing with my spouse, parents, in-laws, grandparents, and siblings. I know others who get their kids involved in the fun.

Do any of your family relationships benefit from your interest in junking, flea markets, antiquing, and/or garage sales? If so, which relationships (kids, spouses, grandparents, etc.)? In what way do you/they benefit?


  1. My junking has greatly increased my bond with my mother. I never liked to go as a kid but now every weekend we are out looking for something for the shop! As you say in on of my posts 5:55 am to go junking with must be love!! My mother in law on the other hand...she does not understand why I like "used" furniture, luckily her son does not feel the same way!

  2. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great birthday. I find it amazing the things you are able to do and ideas you have for your junk. It's cool. I just don't have the eye for it. Julie

  3. Happy Birthday Aims!

    Not so much on the junking...I am not crafty enough. And you know from the good ole' Snook days that when your entire house setting is don't feel too much like checkin' out other's stuff. Thankfully, we have improved somewhat from those times...thanks to you guys.

    Hope you guys are well. Tell the boys we said hi.


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