Friday, October 3, 2008

Junking Weekend, September 13-14, 2008

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This was also a great junking weekend for garage sales and estate sales...


I hit a bunch of great garage sales early in the day. Yes, it does pay to get there early in many cases. I love when you find sales where people are really trying to get rid of things and that is reflected in the prices. It was rainy most of the weekend, so the items are stacked in the garage in a crazy configuration. No matter! That's the beauty of junk!

The coordinating lamp and board below are certainly not antique or even vintage. They look like Target items to me. I do like the fabric and they were a great price, so home they came! They are perched atop a metal cabinet from another garage sale. It was not actually for sale at the time, but the lovely woman agreed to sell it to me. It will eventually be stripped and painted.

This bird cage is made of brass and I thought it had great potential. It has since been cleaned up and is at home in my kitchen, which is currently accessorized with brass and copper items.

This is the top part of a coat rack. The hooks are rather square in nature and the bottom has some barbed wire incorporated. This is currently being used in the back entry.

This wonky stack of "stuff" is a treasure trove of great items! It was stacked in a hurry as it was raining like crazy outside. What's there? 
  • Two metal lawn chairs, 
  • a 60's/70's style hammock with the disassembled hammock stand, 
  • a chicken waterer, 
  • a trash can with a foot-pedal to open it, 
  • a director's chair and stool, 
  • a couple lights fixtures, 
  • a box of old wood spools, 
  • a couple anchors, 
  • a wire flower, and 
  • lots of miscellaneous metal pieces, parts, and tools.

This trunk was cleaned up and sold at the flea market on the 20th.

I also picked up these wood-handled and metal tools. Some will be put to use and others will go to market eventually...


On Sunday, RJNJ and my friend, Megan, went with me to some garage and estate sales in Superior, WI. One estate sale was AMAZING! It was the last day of the 2nd weekend of this estate sale and the garage and house were still full of stuff! Talk about collections! Talk about JUNK! Other than wagon wheel (which was found at a garage sale), here is what we ended up with from this particular estate sale...

Here are some great vintage muffin pans and pieces from an old claw-foot piano stool from one garage sale.

Here are some more super finds from another garage sale. I believe the item on the far left is for carrying ice (?) and the stool is one that a railroad employee used to stand on for some purpose or another (?). Can anyone confirm these two things? The other items are a hand drill and a spotlight from an old police car. When you turn the handle, the light swivels.


I almost got into a slugfest (not really, but he deserved it!) with another buyer at the estate sale where we bought the two pair of wooden skis below. The controversy was not over the was over a small marble-topped table. Now, if you are not an estate saler, you may not know that there is a certain level of etiquette to follow. For example, if you want to get in first, you get there early while they are handing out numbers. Another one is that if you want the item (specifically a bigger item), you remove the price tag and take it to the checkout person to buy the item. 

So, here I am with the price tag on my finger at the checkout table and the woman says, "Oh, someone just bought that." "But I have the tag," I said (upon deaf ears, apparently). It would be one thing if it were someone who didn't know "the rules," but the person who had purchased the table (along with his zillion other items) was just there buying everything up and he, I'm sure, is quite aware of the rules. 


Now, am I crazy? Are there rules? I guess maybe it's just more etiquette. "The rules" aren't written anywhere...they are just the things I've learned in the trenches. What do you think? Are there rules of the junking/flea marketing/estate sale-ing/garage sale-ing road that you follow even though they are not written in stone anywhere? Do you break "the rules" in certain circumstances? Can't wait to hear what you have to say...


  1. I think there are rules, I just seem to be the only one who follows them. I've had people reach over my shoulder and take tags and items out of my hands. This is another reason why I tend to avoid garage sales and estate sales. Although, looking at your haul, I may have to rethink that and start going again. Great Finds!

  2. Yes, I agree that there are estate sale rules. If you want to buy something but can't pick it up, you take the tag. Some estate sale companies even have sold tags for you to put on those items until they are removed. I play by the rules, too, so I know how frustrated you are.

    Oh ya, that is an ice tongs. It would have been used to carry a large block of ice, probably one cut from a frozen lake. Those big blocks were stored in an ice house. Some years ago we had cabins on a lake between Tower and Ely. There was an ice house (just a little garage looking building) on the property that had been used for storing ice that was harvested from the lake. The walls were 12" thick, insulated with sawdust! Personally, I'm happy with a refrigerator.

  3. I love all of your finds. I think you have a second career as an antique dealer if you wanna be. but it probably won't pay as well. Yep the "take the tag" think is an unwritten rule, but... I think I would have found a worker and staked my claim verbally to them. You never know when someone will come in and swoop your find away.

  4. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for weighing in on my latest post. Everyone's thoughts and opinions are very valuable to me.


  5. There are rules, but jerks, shoplifters, and downright aggressive thieves have even infiltrated garage sales. Speak up loud and clear when wronged. Make a scene. They know they're wrong; let everyone there know what kind of people they're dealing with!

    The stories we could all tell!

    The Texas Woman

  6. Hi! Definitely rules apply! I grab the tag & march straight over to the seller to say I want it also, and I'll pay with everything else at the end of my "shopping". This way I feel covered. Another rule is the 1st one with hands on it gets it. Too bad there are such rude junkers out there! Ruins the experience of what is usually a great time!

  7. How rotten!! Just avoid him if you see him again!! I had a good junking weekend Check my blog for pictures!!


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