Monday, October 6, 2008

Junking Weekend, September 20-21, 2008

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The junk just does not stop!



In addition to recent flea market finds, we found some things at a new favorite junk store I discovered in Superior. I don't even know what the place is called! The owner's name is Jeff. We met him at an estate sale the weekend or two before. How I didn't know about this place before is beyond me! Makes me wonder what other great places I have yet to discover in the area!

At Jeff's store, I picked up that metal sign bracket and the "Neighborhood Advertising Exchange" board. The other items are from garage sales.

I also picked up this old sled from Jeff. It's in pretty rough shape, but I plan to try a piece of glass on top of it and see how it works as a coffee table. The planter I found at a sale on the way to Jeff's store.

The rest of these items are all from Jeff. If you like to dig, you would love his store! RJNJ and I spent an hour or two digging, sorting, etc. We have lots of fun things in mind for these items!


These items were all picked up at various sales. You just never know what to expect! See those three tables leaning on the left side of the photo? Free. Yup. All three. The woman who was having the sale used to use them at flea markets, etc. They are not the prettiest, but they are in great working order and will come in handy at any future flea market events! The fireplace screen is currently being used in our living room and the two-way cart was purchased and put to use immediately in the garage for all my finds! The other items will get makeovers over the winter in our garage/workshop!

These great "smalls" are a lot of fun. Don't you just love the round red game with the letters? The jar is useful for storing things. The pencil sharpener is great (or at least it was until I dropped it and broke the plastic cover. FYI, that suction mechanism is not designed for vertical my failed experiment showed!). The numbered items are covers for glassware that an elderly woman sewed/crocheted/knit...what do you call that technique? Anyway, they slip on the bottom of your glass so that you don't need a coaster.

This sign with the skunk made me laugh considering our dog's recent run-in just a few days earlier. If you missed that post, go to "Ruff Night" to read about the chaos.


I've been searching for the perfect paper towel holder for years now. I was checking out at a garage sale when I noticed this metal one, which was being used at the time by the sellers. It never hurts to ask and the worst they can say is no, right? I asked, "Is the paper towel holder for sale." I received a pretty quick "no" from the elderly couple. "Okay, thank you," I replied. I was disappointed but I did not make a big scene or anything. The gentleman thought about it for a few more seconds and added with a shrewd twinkle in his eye, "unless it's for the right price." "Oh, boy...this ought to be good...what kind of crazy price is he going to throw at me?" I thought. "What are you thinking?" I asked. "Hmmm...(the suspense building) about two bucks?" I tried not to laugh and jump and shake my head all at the same time. I calmly stated, "That's fair." I celebrated all the way home!" :) Why? It's metal, it's white, it's vintage, and I love it!

These ever-popular metal hooks were found at the same garage sale as the pink scale in the very first photo.


The Depot is an antique store located in an old (surprise!) train depot in Superior, WI. It has two floors and ~20 garages full of antiques ranging from high end to low budget. I can easily spend hours there!

Here are the items we picked up there this weekend...
  • a boat motor stand
  • 2 U.S. Mail bags
  • 2 A&W window trays
  • a metal mailbox
  • a metal Christmas tree stand
  • a set of 4 casters
  • a garden statue
  • some kind of cleaner


Late in the day on Sunday, hubs and I were on our way home and saw a garage sale from the overpass. It was an odd time for a garage sale to be open, but we circled around and found the sale. They were clearing out the estate of someone who had collected things for a long time. Everything was 50% off and I picked up lots of fun metal things...

Here is a close-up of the item in the center of the above photo. I didn't know what it was, but the man told me it was a fence post topper. Isn't it great?!


So, do you ever ask if things are for sale even if they aren't marked? I've found that sometimes things just get missed and you assume it isn't for sale. While you move on, someone else speaks up and they walk away with an item you would have loved to own.


  1. If I say I had a round red letter game when I was a kid, does that date me? OMG, I'm older than dirt! Thanks for the memory, though.

    The Texas Woman

  2. I will always ask if it is something that interests me. I'm glad you got the holder and what a deal!

    You have found a lot of great things lately. I'm sure you'll do well at your sales.

    Keep on junkin'!

  3. love all your finds. That spelling board is great, is it old? Where do you store all this stuff? Do you have an ebay account? if so, what's your seller ID?

    View my blog at:

  4. That fence post topper almost looks like a hitching post topper? Great finds! Wish I lived near your area!

  5. Margo, the spelling board says "Patented Oct. 15, 1912", then has some additional dates listed up through June 16, 1925. It looks like it is from a maker called "Cress Educational Boards." I'm not sure on the Cress because some of the letters are obscured.

    Where do I store all this stuff? Some of it is incorporated into my home. The rest is in the large lockers, bins, etc. or stacked as neatly as possible until we have time to sell, refinish, or build things.

    Do I have an ebay account? We have a personal one, but nothing for business/selling purposes. I might consider doing that in the future.

  6. Thanks Amy, I'd be interested if you set up an ebay account for selling or other venue for selling. I do pretty good on ebay.

  7. Loved seeing all your finds, esp. the metal for sale sign.


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