Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Junking Weekend, September 27-28, 2008

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I hope you are not tired of the junk yet! As stated in a previous post, I've been so busy that I'm behind on posts about my junking excursions. I have this and one more post before I am caught up and on schedule with the correct weekend! Hopefully, you are enjoying the junk finds and are as enamored with the craziness as I am! :) Hang on tight! Here we go...


Found these two benches early in the weekend. The one on the right is probably 10 feet long! Can you see the letter "A" carved into the corner? It was meant to be mine! BTW, the bench on the right is also one of those items that wasn't marked and had tons of stuff on it. If I hadn't asked, I would have missed out on a bargain!

This metal tool chest I found at another "man sale" along with the blue bench above. As for the metal garbage can and physician parking guessed it!...more unmarked items in a seller's garage. And, yes, I got a deal!


These fun items all came from the first sale we came to on Saturday. As we were walking up the driveway to this sale, I said to Taunya, "This is going to be a good one." She told me later that she thought I was crazy because it just looked like a bunch of junk. Aaaah, grasshopper.... She is learning the error of her ways and is beginning to appreciate my...wisdom? That seems to be the right word! :) With the bench, all these items, and the stuff Taunya found, we filled up the truck quite a bit. As it wasn't far from the house, we drove back home to unload before we hit anymore sales.


I am always shocked at the things I find at garage sales! This chair? Gorgeous! Solid wood! That light-colored wood object? A cooler! Yes, a cooler! If you lift off the lid, it is lined with styrofoam. In the photo on the right, you see a house jack (I'm planning a holiday-related project with these to be posted in the future), a Scrabble game, and one of those old dart boards that requires metal darts (all found at a church fund-raising sale).



The items below are from three different estate sales. On the left, you will see two more benches! That makes a total of four! When it rains, it pours, right? The oversized lockers are one way that we are now storing things in the garage. We filled it to the brim with smaller finds. As far as the other photos, I'll let them speak for themselves.



As a general rule, I don't buy anything that I don't love or wouldn't use myself. As such, I absolutely love everything in these photos! It makes me happy to look at them and to share them with you! What is it about the things I find? I'm not sure! I love the colors, the patina, the craftmanship. I feel inspired, exhilarated, creative! When I find things for free or for a screamin' deal, I also feel thrifty and, oh, so clever!

Do you experience anything similar to this or should I start seeing a psychiatrist right away? I can't wait to hear your responses (about your experiences...NOT about whether you think I need a psychiatrist!...for junk reasons or otherwise!).


  1. that's it!!! I'm coming to Duluth.
    I love all your finds, you have hit some really great sales.
    Love the metal drawer thing especially. I usually can pick a favorite from all your stuff.
    Love the red cabinet too, and all those keys and faucet handles. I'll bet you got a deal. And now I see the large locker pins, what a great haul.

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  2. I'm crying here. Jealousy makes me do that. The keys, the red cabinet, the orange thingy (love it next to the red!), the metal balls (what are they?), everything! I've said it before but I'll say it again - you've got great garage sales up there!

    The Texas Woman

  3. OMG what a great haul, everything from the stool, the green planters to the keys, the chest, globe. you really had a find, do ya have room for it all??

    oh and I think I don't need a shrink *because* I yard sale!

    great junking post


  4. Cher,

    I didn't know what the metal balls were when I bought them. My husband says they are ball bearings of some sort. He also suggested they would be great for use with a slingshot! :) His suggestion...not mine! :)


  5. I want that green scale in one of the top pictures! And the red cabinet, and the keys....I need to come to you or have you come here! You seem to have the best luck!!

  6. Oh those keys!!!!!!! And faucet handles, wire baskets, lockers, the red cabinet, what finds!!! My car is finally in the garage after about 4 months outside. Shop carefully - winter in Duluth is no time to be parking outside!

    We're doing a Tomboy Tool party on Oct 21. Are you coming???

  7. Ohmygosh, can I go garage-saling with you? You hit the mother-lode. The signs, the benches, that sweet little stool. I could go on and on. You lucky duck.


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