Thursday, October 2, 2008

Junking Weekend: September 6-7, 2008

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In my last post, I promised to post the "haul" I picked up last weekend. I just realized I hadn't posted several other junk finds all month. Sooooo, I am going to start at the beginning of September...the weekend of the 6th & 7th. Enjoy...


I love this cabinet! I bargained down on the price and then the guy said, "Plus you have to take everything that's in it." What's in it? Lots of cool stuff from what I could tell from a quick peek. I'll have to post any special "discoveries" when I get to a detailed cleaning out of the cabinet.


Here are those two sconces I made over in my post entitled "From 'ick' to 'slick': Sconce Rescue" earlier this month. They are next to a great metal Igloo insulated dispenser. 


I was telling my friend, Taunya, that a theme often develops when you are out junking. This weekend, we found a lot of ice fishing items and red items. There is also part of a horse bridle, a fishing pole canister, and a saw sharpening brace. You can even get a peek inside the cabinet drawer!


These two brass pieces supposedly had something to do with printing. They belonged to the seller's brother, who is involved in printing somehow. The seller didn't know exactly what they were, but I thought they had potential.


This sale was by a couple who had been collecting for years. From them, we picked up an old baby stroller (?), a pan for forming bread loaves, two vintage metal coolers, a kitchen timer, a couple flower pots, and a hand drill.


The items below were nothing super vintage or old, but they were functional and/or fun: a stool, a backrest for me when driving the truck, two beach rolls, some books for winter reading, and a game with 6 small dice.


The next sale was advertised as a "man sale." When I got there, I asked where the men for sale were. The wives seemed quite willing to sell their husbands...and they were very willing to come down on the price, too! As I already have the best husband, I left the men there but walked away with some cool bins, a metal box, a clip, and some homegrown veggies.


This sale was down in Canal Park and they had all kinds of crazy antiques. Actually, the craziness started as you pulled up to the house. A large inflatable alien surrounded by holiday twinkle lights greeted you at the driveway. We were almost scared off...almost. We put on our brave junking hats and marched onward. It was worth the experience. Apparently, it was the estate of a woman who used to own a doll museum. In this tiny little house, in this tiny little basement, were these glass enclosed cases housing doll after doll. Talk about unexpected! There was an original Mickey Mouse doll! In addition to the dolls, there were ALL kinds of other craziness. Well, we stuck to the usual things that catch my eye...metal objects and the occasional book. We found a pump, a clock, an old drive-in movie speaker, a warming plate, and a whole bag of cookbooks. The Betty Crocker Hostess Cookbook was my favorite. (Do I cook? No, not really. But the intentions are what matter, right? Hmmmm...)


The fan and kick board were from a couple random sales in town.


These great carts were used at an old store for many years. At least that's what I was told. The woman's husband had worked there for a long time and kept these carts after they either closed or got new equipment (I can't remember which!).


I plan to cover the weekend of September 13-14...the one right after Junk Bonanza. I'll keep posting the junk finds until I catch up to the current date. Could we possibly find more? Oooooooh, yes! Lots more junk to love on the way!

Anybody have a favorite item from this post? If so, tell us what it is...


  1. You got good junk up there! Good photos too.

    The Texas Woman

  2. I just found you from Cher's blog. I love the cabinet and the wood "fab" carts! You hauled in the kind of stuff I love! I'll keep an eye on your blogs. ~Mindy

  3. Excellent junk! I am anxiously awaiting more pictures.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. We would love to have you join us in St. Charles. Come for the Tomboy Tool event (or any other time) and either Sharon or I will put you up for the night (she has a B&B -- and I think she still has your favorite bell!!).

    We have quite an active group when it comes to promoting breast cancer awareness and raising money for research (as we did in August with our 5th annual trash to treasure auction). Too many women in St. Charles have been touched by breast cancer but we are a bunch of good junkers!!

  4. Have to add -- I LOVE the white cabinet with all the drawers!

  5. Ok ALVN, I am really jealous of your finds!! I wish that we had junk like that around here!! Unfortunately, we don't find many like it!! I especially love!! your fab carts!! If your having a sale I WILL BE THERE!!! ;-) (Just let me know where and when!! I have had a blast reading your blog!!!

    And thank you by the way for adding me to your blogroll!! So sweet of you!! I am looking forward to your next posts!! And I will spend some more time checking out your past posts!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day dear!!

  6. dR. aMY - hello from texas!! Loved your finds- the cabinet and carts were my favs. also wanted to share- a few years ago i picked up about 25 of the brass printing trays curb shopping! did not do much with them at first except put votives or granny smith apples in them- all lined up in a row- down the middle of a farm table. plus sold quite a few at the RED SHED. but lately, i have taken a few apart to use in our new art classes. the brass is the perfect thickness and patina for metal stamping!!! let me know if you come up with any creative uses. michele jones

  7. You might should've thought twice about buying a man-someone to haul around all that great junk you found. You did good, honey. Deb


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