Saturday, November 15, 2008

An Elegant Junky Holiday

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Welcome to a Junky Holiday! 

The best kind of holiday to have! Why, you ask? 
Well, it's easy, it's elegant,'s junk-inspired!
Check it out! 

Start with a vintage Christmas tree stand picked up at a garage or estate sale. Or, better yet, maybe you have one in the attic or basement!

Simply add some greens and a bottle of champagne, wine, or sparkling water. Voila...a special centerpiece for your holiday table.

This particular tree stand allows for the center tube to be removed. Place it lengthwise on the table to hold a bottle, silverware, napkins, etc. If using it for silverware, you probably want to line it with a cloth napkin first.

Convert the base of the tree stand into a multi-tiered server by placing plates or bowls on each level. Serve chips and dip, veggies, crackers, etc. Mix in a silver chalkboard stand with a loving message (above), a cheese dome (above), or a toast and jam server (below) to make it extra special. Don't forget to add a little candlelight and sparkle!

Use an old store display piece to show off your favorite new or vintage ornaments. This is my collection of Serenity angel ornaments glowing in the candlelight. 

Then add a couple of vintage candlestick holders to add to the glitz and glam. These stunning pieces were picked up at a garage sale last summer. Is it okay that these are gold instead of silver? Of course! The gold coordinates with the gold on the champagne bottle, the golden glow of the candlelight, and the twigs in the greenery. If it works, it works! There are no rules except your own in Junk-inspired holiday decor! 

That's all there is to it! An elegant Junk-inspired holiday! Here's a toast to the upcoming holiday season from WhisperWood Cottage!


  1. Excellant ideas..after Xmas you would not believe what people throw away.I get decorations etc..for the following Xmas!

  2. As always I love your photographs as much as your junk...I mean holiday treasures!

    The Texas Woman

  3. I was drooling over a great old iron tree stand that is really little. Must have been for a table top tree, but it has shooting stars on the leg stands. Too pretty, but I could not figure out what to do with it. The person redid her booth and put a pillar candle into the stand and I snatched it before she put it back down onto the table!! So much fun to use old items in new ways!! (I'll post about it soon!)

  4. That is sure a cool tree stand. Never seen one like it before.
    Great projects

  5. Amy,

    These ideas are wonderful...really very creative. I'd love to see you post these so I could feature you and your handiwork on JUNKMARKET Style. As you know I always like to show off how talented all of the members are. Way to go!

    Take care,

  6. hi,i like your blogs & on the junkmarket also, check me out!

  7. Amy WOW! You outdid yourself with this one! First of all, I have never seen such a great tree stand before, but your ideas and photography are fantastic!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration. I really love your idea of an "Elegant Junky Holiday!


  8. What an unusual tree stand! And your ideas for it are the best. Once again your photos are gorgeous.

  9. Hi Amy!
    WOW, what a find, that tree stand is in mint condition! I love what you did with it. I wish I had several, how cool would it be to get that for a Christmas present?! As always, you take fabulous photos, I wish I knew how!
    Thanks for sharing-

  10. Love all your ideas.......I love that stand...I've never seen one like it......

  11. What beautiful ideas, Amy!! Love this! Very creative...I always liked the look of old tree stands, but never would have thought of this :)!!

  12. Well I'll be darned! How'd you thinka that?

  13. Amy, great pictures! They are beautiful. I Cher said, I love your pictures as much as your junk!


  14. um! really, really, really cool! Kelly


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