Monday, November 17, 2008

Junking Weekend, November 15-16, 2008

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Aaaah, my favorite time of the week! The day to share my junking finds! What exciting venues did I attend this weekend? Well, 2 estate sales, 2 garage sales, and 1 drive-by junking.


I find that I tend to go through estate sales in a certain order: garage/outside, basement, upstairs, main floor, checkout. I will alter my route to go where there is the least amount of traffic though. It's frustrating to be standing in a traffic jam while good stuff is going out the door. I found a couple neat little lights in the garage at the first estate sale. 

The basement didn't yield any finds for me. I was tempted by some metal floral frogs, but they were overpriced (in my very "semi-professional" opinion). There was no upstairs, but I found some game items on the main floor...Tiddlywinks, a whole cupful of dice, one lone marble, and a box of dominoes.

As I moved to the checkout, which was located in an enclosed front porch, I noticed this dusty, musty light fixture hanging above the ladies working there.

It's special feature? Thirty 2" Swedish cut almond crystal prisms paired with 30 octagon crystal beads. Do I sound like a know what I'm talking about? Well, I don't really! I did a web search when I got home and found a site called Now, I am an expert, right? Love the internet!


Nada. Zip. Zilch. Moving on...


This garage sale was more like a small antique store. Two ladies were cleaning out their collections, etc. They had a lot of cool stuff to be sure. Unfortunately, the prices were pretty high on a lot of it. Here are the items I couldn't do without...

What do you call this thing? I don't know. I thought it would be great to hold a photo. I picked it up for inspiration more than anything else.

This folding fabric basket is the cutest beach-inspired item. It fits into a color scheme I've been building with several items I found this summer and fall. Cool! Cool! Cool!

This brass bathroom fixture was screaming for a home. Anybody need this gorgeous item?

Last, but not least, another trash can! The style is vintage, but the trash can itself is only about 15-20 years old. The seller said she bought it from a catalog in early 1990-something. I've been looking for one like this for a long time. My mother grew up on a dairy farm and there is a wonderful vintage trash can there that is similar to the one below. It's been there since before I was born and I've always loved it. This one will likely get a coat of fresh white paint and be added to my cottage-inspired kitchen.


Again...nada, zip, zilch. And weird. Very weird. I have never seen such an odd collection of things. Including a small pool filled with coy fish. Yes, you read that correctly. Quickly moving on...


My friend had gone with me all morning and I had just dropped her off. As I was heading home, I saw a "free" sign next to a double sink and the iron stand below. Well, I whipped a u-turn and pulled up next to the items. I put the stand in the back of the truck. The sink? Well, it wasn't going to budge unless I turned into Popeye instantly. And, darn it, I didn't have my spinach with me!


Here's that dusty, musty chandelier all cleaned up. Anyone have any idea which era this is from? I wonder if it would look better if I found a different globe/glass piece for the center. Replacing the odd yellow tassel with something a bit more elegant might help as well. Or should I take off the prisms and use them and the lamp parts for other projects? I certainly have ideas. What do you think? Keep it "as is", update a few features, or piece out the entire thing?


  1. I'm clueless on the age of the chandelier. But, the night shot is awesome. Do you have a place in mind for it? My favorite find is the metal stand that you got for free. That rocks! You did good! ~Mindy

  2. Hi Amy-
    I LOVE the chandelier, I really like the way it is, it's beautiful. I think the garbage can white would be really cute as well. I think I'll make a set of those photo holders for my Christmas dinner to hold name tags. I love it! I found some old red dice with funny markings on them at an auction one time. I've been wondering what to do with I know, thanks so much!

  3. Love the chndelier, especially the night shot. I think it would look good with a clear glass bulb. I voe for keeping it whole but maybe a new globe and definitely a new glitzy tassel!

    The clip thingy looks like something a local bank gave away a few Christmases ago except the base of that one was just a metal coil. It was for holding notes. We kidded the bank pres that it looked like a roach clip!

  4. Well, well, well! An Aggie, huh? I knew I liked you!

    I'm voting to piece out the light. The parts could make something outstanding whereas a new globe makes a still-dated lamp. What are your ideas for the lamp pieces? Be sure to show us!

    Isn't it funny how some weeks there's such good junk and other weeks, nada? It seems to hing around whether I have money in my jeans or not. Money=find nothing. No money=something I must have!

    The Texas Woman

  5. Love the chandlier!! Just change out the globe and you will be good!!

  6. That's great that you found the coordinating fabric beach basket. I think that's why I love junk. Sooner or later you'll have all the pieces needed to make the perfect decor.

    Love the crystals on the chandelier!


  7. I wouldn't do a thing to the chandi, cleaning it was enough. I'd guess late 60's, early 70's and mid-century is really taking off around here.(That's why I'd leave it alone until I could reasearch it out a little more).I love the "beach basket". You didn't ask, but I think those were shopping baskets from the same time as your chandi like from drug stores and dime stores. I've always wanted to have a lot of them at a show for shoppers. You would be so proud of me-I went to 2 estate sales, 3 thrift stores and 1 garage sale over the weekend. I'll post what I found. Deb

  8. I love the metal stand - I would definately have U-turned for it. One time I followed a truck to the garbage disposal place - he had a perfectly Green rusty wire gate in the back of the truck ready to throw it away! I rescued it even though the driver thought I wasn't the sharpest cheese in the fridge for wanting it. Sue

  9. Hi, new blog reader and I must say I love the chandlier and I would leave it the way it is!!! Let us know where you end up hanging.


  10. You know those little clay pots you bought? I saw a wreath made out of them. Tiny ones in an inside ring, larger ones (but still little) on an outer ring. Of course they were angled all different way. Country Almanac presents Cottage Style magazine #26page 62. Looked good.

    The Texas Woman

  11. Ooooh ~ LOVE the crystals on the chandelier! It looks mid 20th century to me, maybe 60s, but that's just a guess. Great finds!

  12. Just popped over to this post from "others you might like" after I came over from Rhoda's. What did you ever do with this chandelier? Just wondering. Kelly


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