Monday, November 24, 2008

Junking Weekend, November 22-23, 2008

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Well, my plans this weekend were to visit Lani @ Cottage Elements in the Twin Cities. She was part of an home tour hosted by Lori @ Round Barn Potting Company. I saw from Lori's post that a lot of the local JUNKMARKET crew were in attendance. Sue Whitney @ JUNKMARKET has also posted about her tours of Lani's home and Lori's home. Though my plans changed and I wasn't able to attend, I am grateful for being able to take the tour via these fabulous blogs. It look like everyone had a great time!


Well, two of my favorite junking/blogging buddies, Cher and Deb, have some great junking posts on their blog this weekend! 

Cher @ The Texas Woman even started her blog post with "I had a WhisperWood-kind of garage sale today!" Whoop! Way to go, Cher! That means she came across some great finds.I especially like that copper stencil! I also noticed that Candy @ Junk Sophisticate commented "You did go Amy-style on the garage sale-ing." Girls, you crack me up and I love it! 

Deb @ Talking Trash found some great stuff as well. And it's all for sale! You better pop on over and see if she has anything you need. I already put my dibs in on the lockers, so don't try anything funny! I hope they haven't sold yet!


As I stated earlier, I was not able to make it to the home tour in the cities. I did manage to sneak away to a few estate sales this weekend though. (I apologize now for the "yellow" photos. When it comes to night and low light shots, I have yet to master the flash!) Here's what I found...


The first sale was way out in the middle of nowhere. I didn't realize this until after I got started. By the time I actually looked at the GPS time and distance, I was already half way there. I just kept going. It was a family-run estate sale. Translation? Low prices! 

As you already know, I usually start in the garage. I found these old wooden water skis and these two wooden planter boxes. The trellis? I didn't notice it until I was leaving and the guy was helping me load stuff in the truck. It was along the side of the garage. I asked how much it was and he said I could take it for free. Never hurts to ask!

Indoors, I found an wonderfully weathered wooden windchime (how's that for alliteration?). I also found a silver-rimmed bowl, a metal floral frog, and a glass floral frog in a green dish.

I also found three games. Can you guess what they are?

I found this Merry Merry Christmas Bingo, too. It is from Lucy Hammett Games out of Austin and Mineola, TX. Anyone heard of her? From her website, it looks like she personally designs each picture bingo game.


I picked up a white planter, some dominoes, two silver rimmed coasters, a set of 4 coasters on a matching tray, and a miscellaneous metal topped cork. I absolutely love that tray and coaster set, because each piece has that Texas star in the middle. I knew my Texas friends would love it, too!


This was another family-run sale. Now, here's a test. What does a family-run sale mean? All together now..."LOW PRICES." Hip! Hip! Hooray! Okay, enough of the goofiness. What did the garage offer up? Magic! First there were the two rocking lawn chairs. In great condition! Then there is the triangle-shaped rolling tool seat.

Then there is the shelving with slanted shelves. Love this! I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but the bottom part is rusted off and it is leaning to the right. Now worries! We've already started the transformation and it is going to be gorgeous! Photos to come. The two milk cans are from when that family used to live on a farm south of Hibbing, MN. They were farm #471. I love history like that! The small stool was the only thing from inside the house.

Of course, I can't forget the best part! The free stuff! This was the stuff that was sitting on the shelf above. I offered to clean it off (did I mention it was under 20 degrees outside?). The guy said to take whatever I wanted from the stuff I was unloading. Did I know what I was taking? Heck, no. But RJNJ has shelf after shelf of cans that look like this. I figured he could use something. And I was right! "Good stuff, Honey", he said. Double whoop! It turns out some of that stuff is anywhere from $8 - $15 per can. Yippy for free stuff!


Wow, I didn't even know that I went to four sales. Is it junk amnesia? Beware fellow junkers! I picked up this great "Stein Club" rack. It had been hanging on the wall loaded with old German beer steins. It won't be a stein holder much longer. I had a plan for this even before I got it off the wall. Hint: It will be restyled and used in my soon-to-be-redesigned office/project room. With the addition of a few dice, I was ready to roll (Ha! Ha! Get it? Roll? Dice?...If you still don't get it, I would guess you've been drinking breakfast Margaritas with The Texas Woman!).


Okay, did you guess what those three games were? Two are fairly easy, but I'm out to stump you on the last one! In fact, I don't even remember the name of the third game...I'll have to go read the box. Junk amnesia again? Hmmm...! Hit the comments to leave your guesses! 


  1. Hey, you Whoopen' Aggie! Sorry you have contracted that dreaded illness Junk Amnesia! You realize, of course, that it is the advanced state of Junk Addiction, which is only cured with a 12-step program similar to AA. Or is it Tripple A? I get them so confused!

    Glad you had good sales. Sharing makes them ever so much more fun, doesn't it?

    Have a good Thanksgiving!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Ack! You got the Junk Amnesia! No worries though. A bit more rusty metal will cure you...the bigger, the better I say.

    Great finds this weekend. It's too bad you couldn't make the tour as planned but it sounds like you had a pretty good weekend anyway.

    As for the games, I'll guess Dominos, Monopoly and pulling this one out of somewhere...Forward, Backward or something to that affect. Blech! Sorry...don't know.


  3. Love the milk cans and the Christmas Bingo...too cool.

  4. I can send you my address if you want to mail those Bingo cards to me for my Christmas gift. LOVE EM! And that little stool rocks, too. Good times, good sales. ~Mindy

  5. Love the Christmas Bingo!! Too cute and I am interested in what you are going to do with the beer stein shelf. Is the other game an Uno disk game or something?? I don't know.....

  6. Hey, junk amnesia is good. If we remembered all the junk we bought it would scare us to death.

  7. Love all those finds, as usual. Mineola is just spittin' distance from me, I wonder where she's at up there. Austin, however is a fer bit of a drive.
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

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  8. Check out what those type of lawn chairs are bringing on E-bay. Can you say "Score"! Thanks for the shout out. Debbie


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