Friday, November 21, 2008

A Rustic Junky Holiday

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Welcome to a 
"Rustic" Junky Holiday! 

What is a rustic junky holiday? Well, it's a mix of rustic items with Grandmother's china and your fine Waterford crystal. You heard me right! The best part is that you have everything you need around the house and...(gasp!)...even in the garage. It's easy, it's both rustic and elegant,'s junk-inspired! Check it out! 

Start with a car jack, a heavy (and I mean heavy!) house jack, and a vintage Christmas tree stand. Adjust the house jack to the height you desire. Place them on a white tablecloth, add some candles, and mix in Grandmother's china.

Turn down the lights and you have a warm glow on your rustic tablescape. Incorporating mirrors doubles the visual impact.

Use an old clipboard for a charger under Grandmother's china gravy boat.

Place candles strategically and creatively to create the best glow. If people will be reaching across the area, glass enclosed candles are the best option.

This Christmas tree stand is very unique! It automatically adjusts to the size of the tree or candle. The weight of the tree or candle forces the arms to press inward. No screws needed!

Arrange them together or separately.

To add some sparkle, bring in some greenery and some Waterford crystal.

Use metal floral frogs as name cards. What are the name cards? Hand-written names on the back side of old business cards! You could also use old gift labels or greeting cards.

Add the charm of a hand-turned bottle cork and you have the makings of a simple but memorable rustic junky holiday.

Be sure to check out "An Elegant Junky Holiday" for more junk-inspired holiday decor!


  1. Hi Amy!! Great post, you have such fun ideas! I got my H crest the other day - I REALLY love it!! My sister is going to be SO thrilled!!! THANK YOU so much again for selling it to me! :) Carmen

  2. Darling stuff once again, clever girl. Can't wait to see what you turn up tomorrow on "garag sale day".

    The Texas Woman

  3. Aren't you the clever little mynx? I'll be posting "trash" shots probably Sat. evening. Stay tuned. Thanks for the sweet comments on our upcoming event. Debbie

  4. You've created a beautiful, very creative table. I took some ideas away too...thanks!

  5. What great ideas-I never would have thought of it and love the way it looks-might just have to visit the garage a bit more!

    Thanks too, for your nice comment!

  6. Amy, You've definitely got the touch. And you are so lucky to have discovered it at such a young age. I keep thinking, if I'd gotten started in my 20's what great junk i'd have now. I would love to use this Jack idea as one of my quick projects for the holiday season. I'd also love to "borrow" your photo of the letter board as a graphic one week during the holidays. Of course credit will be given to you on all projects, photo's etc.

  7. I love to find ways to use "used" items- fabulous ideas-

  8. Hmmmm maybe my hubby's corner of the garage can be romantic lol
    It is worth giving it a shot.
    Great ideas

  9. I just found you--I love your blog! I have a junking blog too. Your junk is way cool!

  10. What a great holiday table!! Fabulous ideas, as always :)!


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