Monday, December 1, 2008

A Festive Junky Holiday

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Welcome to a
"Festive" Junky Holiday!

Now, you've already served the turkey, but what about all those holiday parties coming up? Are you hosting any? Need any creative ideas? Well, here you go...create a festive junky holiday! It's a mix of colorful vintage items that are used in creative new ways. Serve up the holidays in unexpected junking style. It's easy, it's festive,'s junk-inspired! Check it out!

If I'm hosting an event, I usually opt for buffet style eating because it's less formal. Here's an example of what I might do at my house. I would likely use the kitchen island to display the silverware and napkins for my guests. In these photos, I've re-purposed some of the same items found in my Rustic Junky Holiday post and added a few "new" items to complete the vignette.

Below, I use one vintage Christmas tree stand to hold the knives. I began by lining the inside with a paper towel and then a linen napkin. The paper towel protects the linen fabric from getting any rust-inspired marks on it.

I lined this vintage red and green Christmas stand the same way. Now, the spoons have a festive home. Behind, you see the rustic car jack used as a candle holder to create some warmth and ambiance.

Here's the favorite super-heavy house jack being used again. This time, it is a foundation for a plate that you can use to serve hors d'oeuvres or present a festive floral arrangement. The forks found a home inside another vintage red and green Christmas tree stand.

Of course, you can't forget the napkins! These white linen napkins are rolled and prominently displayed in a vintage Standard stamp holder. This is one of my favorite ideas!

Need to pass the salt and pepper quickly? Put them on wheels! Here, a wheeled base (probably use for plants or a trash can) is transformed into a serving dolly. Load it with goodies and they will disappear even faster than normal!

Now, did I just happen to have all this stuff lying around? No way! I picked all of this stuff up this summer and fall at various garage and estate sales. Why? Simply put...I was inspired by them. I saw potential and knew I could use them in one or more creative ways. So far, so good! For more ideas, be sure to check out my Rustic Junky Holiday and Elegant Junky Holiday posts!

Still want more junk-inspired ideas? Don't worry! There are more coming!


  1. I LOVE THE NAPKINS!!! I have a stamp stand somewhere...I hope....have to go rummage!!!!

    ps Thanks for the comments! TJ Maxx is on my list come payday!!!

  2. Still love the floor jack, especially when it's unscrewed...or would that be screwed! Either way I love it. Thanks for showing it again!

    The Texas Woman

  3. I recognize a lot of that stuff from your previous posts. Who knew? Love the stamp pad for napkins. I think I still have one of those. Here's a little tip-I spray clear on my rusty stuff so I don't end up with the rust on me. Rust is expensive and I don't want to waste it as body glitter. It'll change the color a little, so try it on something useless first to see if you like the end result. Really clever ideas. Keep working it, girl! Tn'T

  4. Amy! Your ideas are rockin'! Love the napkin holder. And the height added by the jack and the high plate is wonderful. Great stuff. I love that you are sharing. I needed that! ~Mindy

  5. are good! Love the rolling s&p holder! I think that would make a lovely martini server also!
    xo lulu


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