Friday, December 12, 2008

A "Girls' Night In" Junky Holiday!

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Welcome to Another Junky Holiday Project!

This junky holiday idea is all about welcoming your best gal-pals over for an evening or a weekend. It's all about getting the girls together for a long-overdue talk-fest by the fire with champagne, wine, hot mulled cider, or whatever your fancy might be. If the weather outside is frightful, don't be discouraged! That's what a cozy girls' night in is for! Dive into those closets, basements, attics, and garages to find the best junk treasures for making girls' night in extra special. As always, your junk-inspired holiday can be simple, casual, and elegant!

Yes, that's real snow outside and, yes, the thermometer reads 3 degrees. So, brrrrrr! Can you let the cold stop you? No way! The holiday celebrations must go on! Welcoming special guests to your home for a fun event can be done in junky holiday style. Start with your wine glasses and beverage of choice.

Add a metal rotating stand that was probably used as a store display in its previous life. If you have those little glass charms used for wine glasses, this is good way to display them for your guests. It would be fun to make a small sign to insert in the top to welcome your guests, but it looks great either way!

If you know who is attending, here is another option for making your guests feel welcome. Use these chalkboard napkin holders as drink markers. (I started filling in the names of people on the guest list. If you don't see your name, don't worry! I just haven't received your RSVP!) Then use vintage clothespins to attach them to the metal stand. Easy, peasy junk solutions! 

Last, but not least, make your beverage center mobile by placing the items on a vintage medical/dental stand. Include a single white linen napkin underneath. Now, you are set! Seriously, it takes minutes to do! 

Okay, ladies? Who is coming over for "girls' night in?" RSVP by leaving a comment!


  1. Count me in, Amy. A little cold and snow doesn't stop this Minnesotan!

    I love the chalkboard drink markers!

  2. I see my glass! It says "Deb!" Do NOT let someone else get my glass until I can get there...from Georgia. We hardly ever get snow. I would love to share a glass of eggnog with you. Thank you so much for inviting me. I just love your simple, vintage ideas. Classy.

  3. I see MY glass! It's out and waitin' for me. Don't let that Bono woman get there first and take it! IT'S MINE!

    Darling idea with the chalkboard name thingys. I bought a quart of that paint and I think I'll have it to my dying day. It doesn't take much.

    Once again your photography is excellent, your ideas wonderful, and your guest list outstanding!

    Don't start withoug me!

    Te Texas Woman
    P.S. We had snow that covered the ground the other night here in Aggieland. We looked like fools in it, building snowmen in our shorts and sandals. Then the next day it was 70 degrees again! Wish you'd been here!

  4. Love it!! I'll be there with bells on!! Jenny from NC!! And I'll bring tomato soup cake!! hehehe

  5. What a wonderful way to welcome in the evening with friends. Thanks for sharing ... Merry Christmas!

  6. Have you already made my name tag? Just mark it Trash Talk, nobody's gonna want that moniker but me. Put my Belvedere outside to chill. I love slumber parties. BTW, what day and what time. What do I need to bring besides my sparkling personality and a deep thirst? Again, you have came up with some of the best ideas I've seen this year! Love the teeny tiny blackboards to death. Debbie

  7. Just too cute , love the little chalkboard markers. Make mine an Eggnog , too. Merry Christmas! Sue

  8. This is just adorable. I would love a weekend like this! Merry Christmas! Glad I found you through SIST


  9. Count me in! I see my name, so I have to come! Your hostess gift will be Pennsylvania Dutch egg nog and a mason jar to drink it out of. I hear the crackle of the fire already. And, by the way, I love your ideas! ~Mindy


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