Monday, December 8, 2008

Junking Weekend, December 6-7, 2008

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Round and round it goes, where it stop nobody knows! Wait, I know! It stops at the Round Barn Potting Co. in Andover, MN! At least that's where I stopped last Friday evening! And if you haven't, you should! I was there with my friend, Lani@Cottage Elements (photo below, left). She sells stuff at "The Barn", which is owned by Lori (photo below, right).

I met Lani and Lori at the Junk Bonanza in September. Based on the name of the store, I figured it was located in a round barn, but I didn't know quite what to expect. It is such a special sight in person. Here is what you see as you approach...

What a fantastic building with all kinds of treasures inside!



After visiting at The Barn, I was so excited to see Lani's house. She and Lori had put on a home tour a couple weeks ago and I had not been able to attend. You absolutely must see the photos that they both took...
Here are a few photos I'll add to the mix...


Now, Saturday was all about the junk! We went to the occasional sales in Buffalo, MN. Four fabulous locations in all! I picked up an old metal dish rack with silverware tray, a vintage Scotch bag filler with holiday greenery, and a wonderful wire stool at Second Hand Rose.

In Anoka, we stopped at The Artique, where I found this humorous sign for RJNJ. Can you guess where this is going to go?


Well, I thought the junking would end there. On Sunday, however, we drove to Wisconsin to help my parents with a project. A quick glance at the newspaper showed that there was an estate sale in Superior.'s on the way, honey (fluttering eyelashes). Yes, it worked! Here's what we found there...a shiny round trash can, a vintage LaCross box for grooming tools, a set of four clear insulators, 22 aluminum muffin tins, and six small Pyrex bowls.

You would think that it would end there, right? Well, when we were home for Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad were handing out junk left and right. Score for me! We didn't have room in the car Thanksgiving weekend, so we picked up the goodies this day. What were they?
  • 2 canteens
  • 2 mess kits
  • 1 basketball hoop (Mine from my childhood! How I learned to shoot 3-pointers!)
  • 1 army duffle bag
  • 1 strange wire contraption (UPDATE: Mom says, "The strange wire contraption is an apple picker which is placed on the end of a pole, then extended into the tree to capture the apple, thus saving it from falling on the ground and getting bruised.")
  • 1 khaki bag with a mosquito net inside (Used it at girl scout camp when I was about 10!)
  • 1 outdoor sconce
  • Not shown in photo...2 sleeping bags, a screen tent, and another army duffle bag

The piece de resistance?...My childhood dollhouse. It's a bit worse for the wear, but it is one of the best Christmas presents I ever received. I would guess I was probably 8 years old. I believe it was my mother's dollhouse as a child and it had been built for her by my great uncle Delmar. My aunt, Jeannie, built furniture for it. My mom and aunt spruced it up and made it so very special for me. It is one of my favorite holiday memories ever. My plans are to do what they did...fix it up, update the wall and floor coverings, touch up the paint, etc.


My thoughts are that I will do it up in my own style. What is that style? Hmmm...hard to define. I love cottage style...beadboard, shades of whites and neutrals, relaxed. I love traditional features...balanced arrangements, various wood finishes. I love junk-inspired pieces...especially industrial metal furniture and other items. I love modern arrangements...simple on the verge of sparse, breathing room. I also love a bit of sparkle in the form of crystal and glass. I love all kinds of metallics...iron, brass, copper, gold, silver, bronze, etc.


Based on the description in the previous paragraph, how would you define my style in only a few words?


  1. Holy Cow! You hit the mother lode! I love the LaCross box. But, you know. The stuff from your Mom and Dad's is totally the best. Attaching memories to old stuff is always fun. You did good! ~Mindy

  2. Amy, so glad you were able to come and visit! Had a great time and I think my cat likes you, too:) Come anytime! I love the LaCross box you picked up. Sounds like you had a productive day Saturday and Sunday. Take care!


  3. Good haul, girl. You scored big time.

    I'd call your style Early Garage Sale with a Cottage Twist! Mine is Early Garage Sale with a Cowboy Twist.

    Come by tomorrow and enter my 100th post contest!

    The Texas Woman

  4. This was a great post, but you saved the best for last-that dollhouse. How wonderful is that? You've got your own special box! I would describe your style in 2 words-urban renewal! Like it, remember where you heard it. My gift to you. Debbie

  5. I can't define my own style and I have no idea what yours is. My mom says my style is early American junk. You've got some great things! I love all the picts.

  6. How fun to meet up with Lani and go to The Round Potting Barn! I've always read about it online. Love your finds and your childhood dollhouse, complete with 70's decor. I love it the way it is.

    Candy Allen

  7. I got a doll house when I was eight too! When I was about 15 I thougth I would redo it....well, ten years later when mom and dad sold their big house now that we all moved away, the doll house was not exactly redone I tossed it! WHAT was I thinking???


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