Saturday, January 31, 2009

Follower Feature #1

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It's time for the first-ever Follower Feature at WhisperWood Cottage! What is a Follower Feature? Well, it's my way of saying thank you to the people who follow my blog (you can see them in their little teeny pictures in the left-hand column). They are going to be featured in the order in which they started following.

WhisperWood Cottage's first 5 Featured Followers:

Mindy is a sweetheart of a Texan with a junking heart! Lots of love, creativity, and family values over at Mindy's blog. I love that she lives in a town called Poetry! Did you know she has online garage sales? One going on right now! Check it out!!

Ixchel (pronounced like Michelle without the M) and I met in 3rd grade. We've had all kinds of escapades over the years! She now has a wonderful family and an amazing gift for portrait photography. You will be amazed!

More creativity here! Jenny does all kinds of fun stuff, but she has recently posted about vintage spoon necklace slides that she has crafted. She is also a junker and antique shop worker. If she sounds fun, it's because she is!

This is my Cher. Yes, I said "my." Why? Because she's mine! I stake my claim on the Texas Woman! She's an amazing Texan with a heart of gold and a wit of platinum! Now, I'm willing to share, but I will never give her up! 

If you like vintage items in the form of millinery, lace, buttons, pearls, etc., you must visit Couture de Papier! Such feminine flair! Such creativity! If you like pink and frilly with a little bit of sass, look no further!

Thank you, girls! Blog love makes the blog world go round! I know there are lots of other people who visit, read, subscribe to, and comment on my blog. I love you and thank you, too! More Follower Features to come! Watch for the next five!


  1. What a nice idea! I love that you're featuring your followers. You've got a great bunch of people.


  2. Clever, clever idea! Way to go, girl!


  3. My bags are packed and after lunch I'm headed your way, baby, so I hope my bedroom's ready! I am yours! do you live again? North? NORTH?!!

    Never mind. I'll be yours from Texas, until you move back to Aggieland. Then I'll move into my bedroom at your Texas home. I'll clean your terlets for you!

    The Texas Woman

  4. You are too good Amy. There are definitely familiar faces among your followers but so many others I'll enjoy visiting too.
    Thank you for being such a thoughtful blogger.

  5. Aww! Thank you, Amy! I enjoy following you. Can't wait to check out your other followers. Soon, I will have something in a garage sale that will be perfect for you! ...maybe something I got today while out buying. Hmmm...~Mindy

  6. Hey Amy. I follow your blog too. However, I use the classic HTML template so that my photos will show bigger and I can manipulate the content myself. And I haven't figured out how to add blogs that I follow. Because I'm using the old template it doesn't give me that option.

    Also...I was lazy today and didn't leave the house. But I promise I will be mailing your package on Monday, sweets!

  7. This is such a great idea and a wonderful way to showcase loyalty and friendship. I wish I had thought of it. Debbie

  8. Thank you!!! This is so cool! I am already gotten hits from your blog! Awesome!

  9. Thanks Amy! :)


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