Saturday, January 10, 2009

Junking Weekend, December 27-28, 2008

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Even over the holidays, there was junking involved! Can you believe it? Of course you can! 


Our celebrations started at the in-laws. This stuff was all free from them. Their property used to be part of a shooting preserve. The sign below had been located on the barbed wire fence at one time. I spied it sitting in their garage. While I was in the garage, I heard the Procter & Gamble Ivory box calling my name from a super high shelf. And the jars...they gave me 15-20 of these large mason jars to "see what I can do with them." No pressure!


The holiday weekend brought us south through a town called Paoli, WI. There are lots of great galleries and shops in this small town. Here's a review from Best of the Best Dining in Chicago.

We stopped at the Paoli Mill Shops, located on what used to be part of an old mill on the Sugar River.

Located in the small stone building in front is the Paoli Cheese Cottage. It's been there for as long as I can remember. You can buy all kinds of local cheeses and/or order great cheese boxes to send as gifts. They have a great website, so check them out! They are a best kept secret!

Up the walkway to the large mill building is a new shop called The Cottage Goddess. They have all kinds of vintage and crafted items.

That beaded ornament below takes about 10-15 hours to make due to the intricacy of the work. The reindeer ornament is a light bulb that she hand-painted. What a clever use for old light bulbs, right?

And I couldn't pass up this vintage deli paper dispenser.

It has been adopted as a prominent part of my wrapping station. It currently holds only twine, but I'm sure some other ribbon or material will be joining it soon.

I hope your holiday junking was as fun as mine!


  1. Take me with you next time! Just drop by Texas and pick me up! I wanna go! The photos are wonderful...the scenic town looks beautiful...and the weather actually looks like winter! Ahhhh, winter...its been so long! Thanks for letting me tag along with photos!


  2. Hello Amy! Sure, feel free to use the avatar. Thanks for asking. Have a great weekend! :-)


  3. Great pics! Thank you for stopping by and being so "sweet" :)

  4. Is it wrong to covet a deli dispencer?? hehehe!! Too fun!

  5. When you pick up Malisa, pick up me too! Did you know that if I was really drunk, and there was a full moon to light my way, and the weather was nice and warm, I could walk home from The Hall of Fame? Really, I could. I live that close...kinda.

    Jenny S. can covet the deli dispencer all she wants. I have to have the shooting sign!

    The Texas Woman

  6. What a charming village. Love the dispenser. I just got home from that auction I was telling you about and girl, tables like the one you just found were going sky high!!! I couldn't get a whiff of one. I don't know how the industrial look is selling in your neck of the woods, but let me tell you it is hot in Texas. Just a little FYI. And is it just me, but does anyone else find it odd that it says licensed shooting and preserve on the same sign? Just one of those things that makes me go Hmmm? Tn'T

  7. i want to live in that tiny stone cottage with the old door and a permanent wreath using seasonal plants through the year!! how perfect it that to have found an old friend :) one of life's little gifts :)

  8. That cheese shop is adorable and what a what a great way to diplay pretty ribbon!

    Your photos are great.


  9. I meant display! I'm such a dope! LOL


  10. I always love visiting your site to enjoy your wonderful photos. Both door pictures are spectacular! Hope you are staying warm and have a blessed New Year!

  11. I haven't checked out the shops in Pay-oh-lee *snicker* in a long time. I'll have to make it over there when I go to mom and dad's (when it's warmer though!!).


  12. Love all the pics. Looks like a quaint little town.

  13. Hey lovely photos. Posts about cheese and working out my kind of gal. LOL Denise

  14. Those photos belong in a magazine. Really! I'd love to go there.


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