Saturday, January 24, 2009

Junking Weekend, January 17-18, 2009

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Stop 1

Well, my junking actually began Thursday on this particular weekend. I went with my friends, Lani@Cottage Elements and Gretchen@Mimi-Toria's Designs, to the Twin Cities area to hit some of the fabulous occasional sales in Carver. Our first stop was a 3-for-1 bonus: three stores all in one building! The Nature of It (new shop), Mustard Moon, and Seasons. The photos below are of The Nature of It. 

I was oohing an aahing over every nook and cranny! The garden-inspired pieces were fabulous! I loved it all! In the photo below is Cindi (owner of The Nature of It and my new junking inspiration!), and cohorts in junking crime...Lani@Cottage Elements and Gretchen@Mimi-Toria's Designs.

Stop 2

Stop 2 was just down the road in Carver. We visited my friend, Linda, at Linda's Cellar. This was one of the 25 degrees below zero days in Minnesota.

What I came home with...

Needless to say, we all had the best time! The stores were filled to the brim with gorgeous items, the vendors were friendly, and my partners in crime were a blast! We loaded up the Suburban with these astounding finds (These are only MY things, mind you! Lani & Gretchen had their own stash!)...

Large "I": from Sweet Salvage, Buffalo, MN.
Two arched windows: Linda's Cellar, Carver, MN.
White 1/2 pillar: The Nature of It, Carver, MN.
White table: Mustard Moon, Carver, MN.


All items: The Nature of It, Carver, MN


Pink mirror: Seasons, Carver, MN
Green mirror: The Nature of It, Carver, MN
Set of plant pots: Mustard Moon, Carver, MN
Brass doorbell: Mustard Moon, Carver, MN


Large enamelware tray: Linda's Cellar, Carver, MN
Dog: Brazos Animal Shelter, Bryan, TX (Picked him up a few years ago!...One of my best finds!)

You know, we went to several other stores that day, but I was so thrilled with what I found in Carver that I never did buy anything else! I will definitely get to Carver every chance I get! I also want to go back and visit Hunt & Gather Antiques (open all days) in Minneapolis! I simply didn't have enough time to look at everything. It was an amazing store!

GOODWILL 1/17/09

On Saturday, my friend and I did a bit of shopping around town. Actually, we started with an estate sale, which turned out to be a dud for me. I'm still shaking my head! We then decided to head to Goodwill and see what we could find for a bargain. I didn't have any great expectations, but I did find some inexpensive treasures with which I am quite happy!


  1. You know I'm not really a junker, but I love someone who is! So I'm starting to appreciate it and I just have to say those arched windows are awesome!

  2. Oh Amy, how fun to get out with the girls and go junkin'! I wish I lived closer to places like you girls have in MN! It would definately help these winter blues :) Fabulous finds you have there........

  3. I am so really hauled in some great stuff!


  4. Are you kidding me?!! My coat is on, my bags are packed and I've already called my three Junk Fest co-horts! Wow, we're ready to take a junk trip to Minnesota...Carver, you say?! Holy cow, Batman, the junk in these pictures is fab! Well, actually like Cassie says, it's "eye candy"! We need to meet up with you, Lani and Gretchen. Looks like we have loads in common. Also wanted to thank you for checking out our blog. This is so fun! Andrea

  5. Oh my goodness! Trying not to envy...trying not to envy. It's not working! ;-)


  6. Doh! That last comment was me!


  7. Clearly, I'm a moron.


  8. Like Andrea said...."my bags are packed!" How can I find out the dates of the occasional sales? And where all would you recommend stopping in Carver? I would have purchased EVERYTHING you did! Love your style!
    Please email me through my blog profile if you have sale dates...thanks!

  9. I LOVE your big pics and your purchases! What are you going to do with them, especially the big window frames?

    Really cool.


  10. Ok, I feel like a kid in a round room who has been told to go sit in the corner...I don't know where to start. I love, love, love that fabric on that chair, I love your windows, and OMG that dog from Bryan(don't let Cher see that) is Fab U lous. How did it end up way up there!!! AND, is that Alamo pottery from Texas too? I love you got so many pieces of it-what a statement that'll make! I could gush on and on. You done good, honey child, real good. Debbie

  11. Cassie and Andrea beat me to the punch (guess I had more housecleaning to do than them!), but ditto on everything they said!! We are eager to hop over to MN and hope to get a chance to get to know you fellow "junkers". Stay warm...see you in the spring! Missy

  12. Ph my gosh!! I love everything! Especially the mirrors and the planters!! I love going to shops just to see how they display things I might sometimes have!! Very fun! I am posting about your generious award to me tomorrow! Check it out!!

  13. Should have been "Oh my gosh" hehehe!

  14. Deb...

    We picked up the dog when we lived in Bryan for 5 years! That's right...I'm an Aggie! Wish I had known all of you then!

    As far as the Alamo pottery (I didn't know that's what it was!), it is marked with MEX on the bottoms. I assume that to mean Mexico. Do you agree?


    I'll be posting some pics of what I did with things soon!

  15. Holie molie Amy! You found so many fabulous things! I know Suburbans are big but you must pack like a pro! I'm quite envious of your junking excursion with Lani and Gretchen. Sounds like so much fun!

  16. Oh those are beautiful finds!!!! I'm a little jealous on a couple on them!!! Nicely done!!


  17. Awww, your doggie is so sweet. We got one of our doggies at the Bryan shelter too so they MUST be cousins. The shelter also has great garage sales as fundraisers! Love all your items but especially the doggie, the big I, and the round-top windows!

    The Texas Woman and Sally and Joey

  18. Amy! I'm finally catching up on blog posts! We had such a great time. Thanks for coming down! Wish you could come again next month. Next week's Buffalo occasional sales and in two weeks Mustard Moon again. If you have any days off, let me know! :)


  19. Hey Amy! I too am finally getting caught up on your blog posts. You did a fabulous job of hi-liting Carver area with your photos and type. It was a blast that day with you and Lani, and it is actually quite fun to now finally see what you all bought that day we were shopping. We all kind of went our own ways, so I didn't see 1/2 of your purchases. Love the two mirrors, as well as all of the chippy white stuff. You did fabulous with your choices and I look forward to seeing it all featured in your home.
    Must come back down and go again. I just love the Carver sales. Yikes! I'm going back in February for sure.

  20. btw, thanks Amy for including my blog link in your post. I really appreciate that!
    Next time we go shopping I will have my memory card in my camera. : )


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