Saturday, February 28, 2009

Duluth Flea Market: February 21, 2009

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Want to see some shots of the flea market
we had in Duluth last weekend?

I know you do! Well, you have to go to my NEW Junkologie blog to read all about it!

Further posts about Junkologie flea market events, antique booth items, etc. will be found on the Junkologie blog. Don't forget to subscribe and follow me there as well as here!

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  1. Oh gosh...I didn't even know about that flea market...our youngest son lives in Duluth...we were out of town but I can't wait to hear about the next one and go.....

  2. Looks like I missed out on a great flea market, bummer!! Your booth looks great- we are in the process of building walls for ours. I just painted a huge hutch last night to put in our as well. Hope to see you soon- Krista

  3. I always get depressed over here, so many fabulous flea markets, so far away!!!!! Ugg

    I love a good flea market!



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