Monday, February 2, 2009

Grate-fully Easy Repurpose Project

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This is a great grate idea for all you junkers. 

Insanely simple! Insanely beautiful! 

Gotta love this kind of junking insanity!

Remember that old heating grate that I picked up on my Junking Weekend, December 20-21, 2008? The grate didn't look like anything special in the basement at the estate sale, and it didn't look any better here in the garage. But, oh, it screamed potential!

Amazing what an old grate cover and some candles can do to warm up a room! Just prop it up and add a row of three tea lights. Voila! This simple idea adds a golden glow and ambience when placed on a side table in the living room. Wouldn't it be charming in a guest room as well?

In the mood for a little Valentine romance? Put the lights down low and put on some background music. Perfect for whispering sweet nothings in your favorite junk lover's ear!


  1. I do recall saying I loved this grate the first time you posted it! Very nice with the candles. ~Mindy

  2. Huh! What a clever idea. Looks beautiful.

  3. As my favorite junk lover would say, "That's kick booty!"

  4. YOWZER! I love it! Could you put it in my room please? Thanks.

    GPAU - Great Photograpy As Usual

    The Texas Woman

  5. That's so pretty! What a good idea!

  6. Ooh, I love it, the shadows and arches remind me of a church window. Of course, with my cats around, I'd have to use those little battery votives but it would still be purrty.

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  7. I love the repurpose! Its so cute...


  8. Wonderful idea! I do love the lampshade in your original stash of goodies...I have a thing for modern shades!

  9. Love it! It's so pretty with the candle glow coming through it. You have such an eye for junk.

  10. What sweet nothings???? "There is a yard sale this weekend?" hehehe!

  11. What a great idea--or should I say grate idea! I never find grates around here.

  12. This is a beautiful idea, just lovey. If it weren't so cold out tonight in ND I would run out to my barn and get a similar grate I know is out there!!!

  13. I love it but I would have to be like Teri and use the battery ones. I tend to set people on fire with candles. It really does look lovely shining through the openings. Simplicity is always the best. Debbie

  14. You are so clever....nifty idea!


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