Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holly Hobbie & the For the Love of Junk Giveaway

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Holly Hobbie Makes a Goodwill Appearance

Anyone remember Holly Hobbie? I don't remember much about her, but I do remember having a Holly Hobbie bedspread at some point when I was very young. Right, Mom? Or I could just be having some type of delusion. I think it was yellow (maybe yellow gingham) with ruffly side panels. Pretty sure it was Holly Hobbie. (I matured into matching Strawberry Shortcake curtains and bedspread after that!)

Anyway! I stopped at Goodwill on the way home from work last week (Yes, I actually do more than junking! I know, right?). I hemmed and hawed about this set of four Holly Hobbie plaques. Not really my style at this point in my life, but it struck a nostalgic cord within me. And the green around the it!

Well, for the low price they were asking, I scooped them up and brought them home. They will likely be sold at the flea market I have coming up in a couple weeks. Junkologie will make its second world appearance! Yea! (You can read about the debut event at my Junkologie is Born! post from last fall.) I haven't booked the dates for a world tour yet, but there is more exciting news around the bend. I'll keep you posted!

For the Love of Junk Giveaway

Stop over to visit Candy@Junk Sophisticate! She's having a fab giveaway of the new JunkMarket publication and DVD! The drawing will be help Friday morning at 9:00 am Eastern, so get on over there to register to win the For the Love of Junk Giveaway!

What Do You Think?

I widened the body part of my blog so that I could use larger photos. What do you think?


  1. Ahhh..yes. My sister loved her some Holly Hobbbie. I couldn't like HH, because my sister did. And she did first. So, that settled that. You know? haha I mentioned you in my blog today. Check it out. ~Mindy

  2. Well as a matter of fact my 3-year-old is sleeping with an old Holly Hobbie as I write. My mom found a vintage one about 5 or 6 years ago at a thrift store and my youngest kind of took it over. She actually calls it Hobby Hobbie.

    Thanks for the shout out and I hope your readers stop by for the junk giveaway!

  3. From one broad to another, I like the broad blog!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Oh how I hate to admit this, but when Holly was popular I wasn't playing with dolls...I was raising 'em! I Good luck on your upcoming show. Take a full trailer and bring back an empty one(except for what you buy for yourself)! Debbie

  5. I'm excited to hear you are doing another flea. Hope you sell it all! And bigger pictures are a great idea, too.

  6. Oh I so remember Holly Hobbie-that takes me back! I do remember strawberry shortcake too, but she sure looks different from the Strawberry Shortcake my little girl is into!

    And the bigger pictures are great-looks good!

  7. I still have my Hollie Hobbie doll. The plaques are great--I am sure I had one or two of those too!

  8. That sure does brings back memories, those days were so much more innocent then. Now we have Brat Dolls!


  9. I had a holly hobbie bedspread and garbage can! Love it, then yes, I was on to Strawberry shortcake. It's funny, my daughter loves strawberry shortcake too! I love the big pictures!! Krista

  10. My friends had holly hobby, I was the tomboy, always outside fixing something!! haha.... but it brings back memories!

    Yes, like the layout much better! I don't have to get so close to the screen and squint this way!! LOL!!

    Best of luck on your 2nd appearance...... when you're doing the world tour, I can always say I was a lurker when she debuted (is that spelled right?) !!!!!

  11. Those Holly Hobby plaques bring back memories for me!! I had a bedspread and matching curtains in my lavendar room as a little girl. I do believe my mother even sewed me a shirt or two out of some Holly Hobby fabric...which is now lovingly stitched into a quilt. In the words of Bob Hope, "thanks for the memories!"

  12. Oh how well I remember Holly Hobby. I had a lunch box w/ her on it and I just treasured that little thing. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    I saw that magazine in the grocery store the other day and I just couln't justify 10 bucks for such a skinny mag.

  13. pssssst...I'm whispering in your ear right now...can you come out and play house...I wanna be your friend.

  14. Olive, the best part of the JunkMarket publication is that it contains a DVD!

  15. I had the same bedspread you are describing, but in pink. Loved it, although I don't remember anything about her either. I also moved onto Strawberry Shortcake. Ah, Memories. Love your blog. Thanks!

  16. I had a Holly Hobbie poster above my bed as a young girl... I think it was the one with the kitty that you show in the plaques. I love kitty's. I'm pretty sure my mom got it for me.Foggy distant memory...slowly coming into view...
    Made these oval plaster plaques and then covered/decopaged them with Holly Hobbie or Kate Greenway wrapping paper and then adhered them to a ribbon and hung them on the wall. Quite the craft rage in the 70's
    Thanks for the memories
    Terri G.

  17. I am in LOVE with Holly Hobbie, long story, but is there any way you didn't sell those wall plaques??? I hope... shanna

  18. Shanna,

    Another fan of Holly Hobbie already snatched those sweet plaques up! I always keep my eye out for Holly Hobbie items, so I can keep you posted if I find something. In fact, I do have one other Holly Hobbie item. You can see it in the slideshow at this link...


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