Thursday, February 12, 2009

Junking Weekend, February 7-8, 2009

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Let's see, what did I do last weekend? Hmmm....ummmmm...oh, yeah! I went junking! Go figure! I I hit an estate sale, an indoor multi-family garage sale, an antique store, and Goodwill. I also checked out a couple other thrift stores, too traumatic to talk about. So, let's get on with the fun!


Headed on over to Superior, WI, to see what this sale was about. It was the second day of the sale, so I was skeptical whether I would find anything. The best part was that everything was half off! Yippy!

Gotta love the lamp on the left! So retro! The little match box and the extra large Xmas tree stand are fun, too. Not so crazy about that bird nest deal. I found him in the stand when I got home. I'm guessing I paid for him...not that a quarter is a big deal, but still...really?

Some fun kitcheny items...a Wear-Ever chopper, a muffin pan, a large refrigerator dish, and some odd little tube/canister.

This stuff came out of the "fun" room. I was drawn to the two red books about typewriting and bookkeeping. Anyone else learn to type on an actual typewriter like me? There's another small book, a slinky in its original box, some dice, and one of those solitaire triangle know...where you have to try to end up with only one peg. I've been playing it every night!! I can't stop!

The other fun item is the Betsy McCall Pretty Pac. My mom had (and still has) a Betsy McCall Fashion-Designer set. It has a light box and different outfits that you trace onto a basic Betsy McCall figure. It's the coolest thing! I played with it a lot when I was younger. So, when I saw the Pretty Pac, I was inspired! Deb@Talkin' Trash, I'm using the Pretty Pac to get ready for your party on Friday! 


Next up was an indoor garage sale. It seemed a bit out of the way, but it was ultimately worth it.

Aren't these the most wonderful potted plants? There are also two baskets in the background.

Gotta love the enamelware pitcher, my second refrigerator dish of the day, a pack of letter stencils, a pointy receipt spike, some large pins, and a stash of vintage picture rail hooks.


I've seen the Reader's Digest rack above repeatedly for months and months at this one antique store I visit. I never had a specific purpose for it, so I always left it behind. When I received the prize I won from Olive Rue's recent giveaway, I all of a sudden is going to hold my notecards, giftcards, etc. I've stashed it in my office already, and it is filled will all kinds of goodies. I'll have to remember to snap a photo for you!


On my way back from Superior, I stopped at the large Goodwill store. I found the coat rack and the chair above. The mirror is from the estate sale I was at earlier. Some lucky flea marketers are going to end up with great deals!!


Whew! I'm tired just looking at all the stuff I bought! I've been busy on projects with some of them already. The retro lamp has been sentenced to hard labor in the kitchen! That's one of my favorite quotes. So inspiring!


  1. Hi Amy , I like the bigger pictures of all the good stuff you scored.

  2. Dang you do good! I love the odd canister and the stencils. Great stuff! ~Mindy

  3. I am living vicariously through you.

    Go Girl.


  4. Great pictures as always! I don't like the bird nest thingy either. The white pitcher is probably my favorite item, but I love the dramatic lighting in the Character sign photo.

    My favorite definition of Character... An absolute standard of right and wrong combined with the courage to do what's right no matter the cost.

  5. wow! great haul! you always find the neatest stuff!

  6. Great finds, as usual! The name Betsy MaCall is ringing a distant bell (it's been a long time since childhood!). Was she a paper doll?

  7. Man! Send some of your junking good luck my way! I have been striking out the last couple of days!!! Did you get your box??

  8. What great finds. Love the lamp!

  9. Sit down and take a load off cause girl, you've been busy! I learned to type on a manual(not electric) so I go way back. My granddaddy made us three kids one of those triangle thingys when we were little. I still have mine and I love going to the Cracker Barrel where they keep them on the tables.
    I had the same Betsy McCall toy as a girl. I also would cut the paper dolls out of the magazine! I'm really dating myself now!
    Pretty cool tree holder, but I'm totally digging the lamp!
    Love it in the last shot a lot and your sign as well.
    Gotta run! Someone's here for the party. I must go make them feel welcome. Hurry over, I have a bottle chilling for you!

    Your trashy Texas friend, Debbie

  10. You scored BIG time, Amy. I need to come hang out with you when you go junking. That RD display is so adorable and the cards look cute too. :-) You make my day. Have a great weekend.

  11. Wow! What a haul! My favorite is your Reader's Digest rack. I think it will look awesome as a note and giftcard holder like you said. I would use it in my house as a spice rack since I don't have one. I see multipurpose written all over it!

  12. Wow, you have a busy weekend. It looks like you got some great stuff.

  13. You did great. Those little stencils are my favorite, plus the lamp, which is so not my style, but still fun...It's hard going to find much around here as far as sales in the winter- so I'll do that part through you and your great photos! Thanks for sharing...



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