Friday, February 13, 2009

Off to Deb's 100th Post Celebration!

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Deb@Talkin' Trash is celebrating her 100th post today!
Whew! She's got a party going on (take some lessons, girls)! The music is hot, so grab your dancing shoes now! Elvis, Harry, and CD will be there along with countless other blog starlets who are dressed to the hilt! I decided it wouldn't be proper for a junking starlet like me to arrive on my own, so I thought I'd bring my entourage! Here they are...

Every startlet needs a BFF, right? Well, here she is! As you can see, once she puts on her party tutu, you can't get her to stop dancing! She's a party girl!


What starlet would be successful without an agent/publicist/spokesperson? Not this one. Here he is! With the help of Uncle Randy, he says, "Happy 100th post, Deb! We love you this much!


Don't mess with me or my bodyguard will show you what's what! See that crazy look in his eye? He's not messing around!


You know I can't be seen in public without a hot man at my side. RJNJ (dear hubby and resident WhisperWood dreamboat) doesn't "do" red carpet events, and Laurie@2 Chippy's won the bidding for CD (you had to throw in a pecan pie, didn't you!?). What's a girl to do? Inspired by Cher@The Texas Woman's "squirrelly date" post, I finally knew the answer! Who is the handsomest man I know that lives in my house...other than my husband? Who always wants to be with me no matter where I go and what I do? He's a little shorter and furrier than RJNJ, but he's a good kisser and cuddler! Here he is all dressed up in his finest attire!

Yeah, he was mad at me when I put this on him...he wouldn't look at me for the longest time! He's all better now! On with the party!

Did I mention Deb's having a giveaway? Oops! Better get on over there and leave a comment! You'll be entered to win a fabulous prize! What is it? Well, don't ask me...go find out for yourself! Tell her that Amy sent you!


  1. Oh, this is hilarious! Lovin' it!

  2. Oh man Amy, I'll trade you my date for yours! That is one character that looks like he could play ruff just the way I like it!
    Of course, you must bring your entourage...being the grande dame that I am, I gave the help off for the day as a bonus(that is except for the house help).
    Tell your cutie of a publicist I love him too!
    And I must borrow your BFF's boots. They would go so so with my pink frock!
    Would you like a table by the window or the pool?
    I'm so glad you thought to bring wine glass tags. That will make it ever so much easier for me. You know I have just worked my poor fingers to the bone getting all this organized! (I don't think I have typed this much since leaving my 9-5 a long, long time ago!)
    Thanks for playing along and helping to make it even more fun. It's just no fun playing with yourself(watch it Cher)! Your Trashy Texas Friend, Kiss Kiss, Debbie

  3. Love your entourage and date! I don't know who looks more pi**ed - your date or your bodyguard. Your BFF must be famous since she's hiding her face. Is it Paris? Nicole? Brittany? Whoever it is, ask if I can borrow her boots after Debbie gets through with them!

    The Texas Woman

  4. Great post! Your pictures are truly amazing. The first one is my favorite...looks like it came out of a magazine.

    Debbie sure does know how to throw a party!!!

  5. lol...oh...I just want to kiss that sweet little furry face!! That is the funniest!!!
    What an entourage...your bodyguard gave me a little fright!

  6. Your date looks hacked off. Good thing you have the bodyguard. Hope your publicist can put a spin, like the tutu girl's dance, on this one! Love it! ~Mindy

  7. Wow, what a beautiful and sophisticated entourage, plus I think you win for cutest date, Pam

  8. The short furry one is my favorite..he's too cute! Love your blog BTW!


  9. Love those drinking glass i.d. tags - fab idea! And wow, you're even bringing a bodyguard! I'm impressed.

  10. That is tooo funny! I'm thinking he better get some extra treats for wearing that! See you at the party..... Maggie

  11. Partay!!! Ok...go back to my blog. I just added a pic. No mechanical bull for us! ~Mindy

  12. You better keep your eyes on that your cute date at all times ... this big hair of mine might lure him my way! He's a looker!! Party on ...

  13. Love your date, and I will be glad to share CD, where is he by the way, can you help me find him, probably with that Veranda chick again, shes got a hot body......Geeeeezzzzzzz


  14. Amy, tell Laurie C.D. has had one too many longnecks and had to go see a man about a dog. No, I don't mean your date. He's no dog...he's the doggone life of the party. I crack up every time I look at his face in that photo. Gotta run, Maggie the Cat is making googoo eyes at Harry! Tn'T

  15. You're awesome!! :) Great post, I hope you and your entourage have a great time LOL!!

  16. Amy, that little furry date is too cute. Can I have a glass of that bubbly now!! Thanks, it's really good.

  17. That top photo is Gorgeous! Just Beautiful! Your date is too cute. That's just the funniest little face - I can't begin to imagine what he's thinking about you dressing him up like that. Good to hear that all is Forgiven. It was a great party , wasn't it? I'm tired and my feet hurt from dancing. :0)

  18. Girl, you were the life of the party. I hope you made it all the way back home. See, if you still lived in Texas you wouldn't have so far to drive after a party. Thank you so much for helping make this a success in my eyes. Sweet dreams-Debbie

  19. I'm so honored to have my own place/wineglass/ marker.


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