Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maintaining Junk Integrity: Simple Display Ideas for Piano Rolls

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Piano rolls! Piano rolls! Who has piano rolls!? When I was very young, I had a babysitter who had a player piano that just mesmerized me. I remember sitting and watching the paper roll through the piano opening for long periods of time.

What does one do with vintage piano rolls? Well, I am a junk purist at heart. What does that mean? It means I like to maintain the integrity, or the original state, of a piece as much as possible. I was challenged to come up with ideas for two vintage player piano rolls! After brainstorming potential projects for a couple weeks, I came down to one conclusion. I just did not have the heart to cut, dismantle, or modify the piano rolls in any way.

My solution...find some creative ways to display these pieces of history in their current condition. I hope you enjoy!

Want to see what other fun things people have done with vintage piano rolls? You know where to go! That's right! JunkMarketStyle.com! Put "piano roll" in the search box in the upper right corner, hit search, and you will see links for all kinds of piano roll ideas!


  1. You are amazingly creative! Looks fabulous. They would be forever stuck in my closet, but you displayed them for the world to enjoy.


  2. That looks so great! I love it and no scissors used!!

  3. I probably would have stuck a candle in them! They look lov-er-ly!

    The Texas Woman

  4. I'm with you, Amy. I have a hard time taking apart and destroying something old and cool just to turn it into something else. Broken stuff, now that's a different story. Nice displays, as usual.

  5. What a great idea! That would have been a tough call for me too. Good job! Thank you for stopping by and wishing me well! (And for getting a giggle out of my silliness)!


  6. Just found your blog via Cottage Farm Villa and so glad I did. I love how you displayed these piano rolls. The simplicity is beautiful ~ guess I too am a junk purist.

  7. Love the way you displayed the piano rolls! Very clever!

    By the way, Moonlight Hollow is having a great giveaway...a Treasure Hunt! Would love for you to participate! Just stop by the blog for directions!


  8. These are great! I come across them a lot and love them, but I've only ever used them in a vase with some pepperberries. thanks for the inspiration!

  9. They look really nice. I've got about 60 or so that I'm still playing on the player piano.


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