Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Silver, Flowers, & Knitting Needles

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I'm hooked on...
vintage-inspired spring decor!

The Inspiration

If you saw my Junking Weekend, February 28 - March 1, 2009, post over on my new Junkologie blog, you saw these three items...
  1. Photo 1: Silver stand
  2. Photo 2: Purple floral arrangement
  3. Photo 3: Knitting needles

The Creation

What can you do with these three items? Create a beautiful spring-inspired display, of course!

News Flash!

Next post is #100! How will this momentous occasion be celebrated? Stay tuned, junk lovers! You don't want to miss the fab giveaways!...

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  1. I love what you have done! I love the flower clever. I can't wait to see what your great giveaway will be.

  2. Wow, that's really beautiful!

  3. Amy, 100 posts? Can't believe it! You are so good. Can't wait to see more. Love the silver piece your found!


  4. Those are beautiful photos! Great job.

  5. Girl, your photos are amazing! Love the repurposed flower vase...very clever, my friend.

    Thanks for all the support this last week. Believe me, I so appreciate it.

    Hope I get invited to the 100th post party!


  6. Gorgeous! Those grape hyacinths look so real...must be the great silver piece!

  7. Amy - great repurposing of the silver stand (I can't believe I've passed those by before...). Beautiful pictures - and such great style!

    100 posts - that's amazing (I'm on, got a long way to go!!) You're inspiring!!

  8. So pretty, I love the punch of color from the knitting needles! And I had to look really close again at the flowers, they do really look real!

  9. The purple arrangement with the silver is so pretty!

  10. I love what you've done with the silver stand. I saw one of those last weekend at an antique store but didn't buy it because I couldn't figure out how to use it.

    I wish I'd bought it now.

  11. Love your style! I have displayed old knittin needles as a milkglass vase...they are so colorful and whimsical. cherry

  12. I love what you did, and your photos are gorgeous!
    xo Isa

  13. Hello,

    You have been tagged for the 6 things about you! come over and check it out! Looking forward to learning more!


  14. You have such a creative eye!

  15. Wow! You have put these wonderful finds together so beautifully! I just love your pictures...they are so pretty! Can't wait to see what you have in store for your 100 post!

  16. I LOVE the needles in the tall bottle. You rock, lady! ~Mindy

  17. Hi Amy- I have one of these on my coffee table with a mix of other items and I've got a candle inside mine. I too bought mine from a thrift shop and just love its curves and detailing on it. This was a fun post.
    Stop by my site and please help me spread the word that I'm having a giveaway to help celebrate my birthday this month. Thanks!

  18. Oh, wow! This is so creative. And I love the photos! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for joining my party and sharing these with us. :-)

  19. I don't mean to be demanding but I wish you could post more photos of the process so I could do it later:)


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