Friday, April 24, 2009

Texas Antique Weekend: Fri., April 3, 2009, Part 1

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There are too many photos to capture Friday's ventures all in one post! I'll try to keep it to two. This entire post is about the Texas Rose Antique Show. Love, love, love, love, love! Let's ooooh and aaaaah all together now...

The first photo is obviously the Gypsy Rose...

These shots are all from inside and outside one large building. I think there were multiple vendors so I'm not sure who should receive credit...

This last photo was from a vendor inside the tented area...

Maggie@The Veranda PLUS Susan & Hector of Fundustrial

If you don't know Maggie (see blog party photos) or haven't visited Maggie's blog, you are missing out! But to see her magic in person...the ultimate junking experience! The photos below are the work of Maggie and Fundustrial (don't you love that name?!) who had glorious display after glorious display!

Is that enough for you? I hope not! I have to do at least one more post before I can be satisfied that you've vicariously experienced enough of Texas Antique Weekend 2009! There are several wonderful vendors I want you to meet yet!


  1. Ohhhhh, I'm in love with the glass ornaments! I took a glass blowing class about a year ago and it was incredible. If you ever get a chance to take a class like that, I absolutely recommend it.

    Anyway, you've been linked. I unleashed your "Corascope" invention upon Blog World today! Hee hee. Thanks again for that, I love (LOVE!!) it!


  2. WOW! I'm absolutely speechless! Goodies galore!


  3. I went to visit them early one morning, but they still hadn't arrived, bummed, wished I'd have gone back. I think I saw pics of Hector and Susie's booth too. Maggie sets up in Canton each month, she's also in a shop in Malakoff, Tx and she finds the coolest things ever! Love her all that she does, T

  4. I wish we had shows like this out my way. Your second to last photo with the zinc covered table and numbered shelving unit is amazing!

    Thanks for taking me there.


  5. thank you so much for the beautiful post!

  6. Girl! You do know how to cover a show! Great pics. Can't wait to see what else you got. Tell me you are coming back in the fall. ??? ~Mindy

  7. Your photos are fantastic! Makes my junk look good!! If you ever make it to Canton, be sure to find me. I'm planning on being down your way for the show in June. See you then.... Maggie

  8. Great photos! Amazing junk! Can't get any better than that...unless you are there in person! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Girl, next time we are bringing a trailer!!! Ha! You're coming in the fall, right? These are amazing photos (as always) and there is so many cool things in them. I better start saving my $$$$ now.


  10. A,
    The photos are too DIE for...Love them. I hope you brought some of this stuff home with you. I would love to fill my house and shop with everything in your show more.


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