Saturday, April 18, 2009

Texas Antique Weekend: Sun., March 29, 2009

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On my second day at Texas Antique Weekend, there was lots happening! I had met my dear friends, The Red Shed Girls, at Leftovers the night before. They bragged up La Bahia, so I made it my first thing to do Sunday morning. For those of you that haven't been to Texas Antique Weekend, there is more than one location. In fact, check out the map below from They also have a schedule posted of when all the shows are open. It is a must have!!

On this Sunday, I started at the top of the map and made my way south. Here are some of the highlights...


As The Red Shed Girls reported, La Bahia was wonderful! There were many creative vendors who had reasonable prices. I stopped back here later in the week, but here are a couple of items that caught my eye...


This woman was having a garage sale of sorts, thought it was more antiques than anything. Don't worry, she won't hit you! That's a great cricket mallet that caught my attention!


Blue Hills. Wow. Lots of nice stuff. Lots of great people! Most of it was a little spendy for my junk-oriented budget, but I really enjoyed meeting the people! Don't you just love this locker unit?

This is Jimmie Hills (Ha! Jimmie Hills at Blue Hills...just got that!) on the right. He is a the owner of J. Hills Unique Antiques in Houston. His store is located at 1731 Westheimer Rd. Sweetheart Shana, on the left, works for him. Talk about wonderful people! If you've been or ever get to their store, please let me know! I'd love to hear about it!

I talked with Marc Elson and Carol Buchanan (below) for the longest time! I was fascinated with their lights and with them! I talked so much that I forgot to get a photo of their booth! Go figure! It happened frequently on this trip! Lucky for us, they have a website called Architects & Heroes Interiors. Take one look at the ubercool pulley & hinge systems they have going on their lighting! Drool city! The fine craftmanship reflects the character of the owner, Marc.


On my way to Zapp Hall, I stopped for beverage at Betico's Aquas Frescas. They are a family-run business out of San Antonio. That is the owner, Lucelva, and her son. If you have never had an agua fresca (translates as "fresh water" or "fruit water"), you are missing out!!


I then headed straight for Zapp Hall for the world-renowned BLOG PARTY hosted by none other than Teresa@Garden Antqs Vintage. She is a doll!!! The blog party is all about junking/antiquing bloggers getting together for some food and fellowship! Sue was doing a book signing for her new Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition. I love meeting every one of you ladies!!

Look at this blue sky!

Here are some of the favorite stars of my blog world...Mindy@Primitiques 'n Poetry, Deb@Talking Trash, Malissa@Moonlight Hollow, and Cher@The Texas Woman.

Deb showing off her stuff!...

I won't tell you what Cher is laughing about in the photo below. I believe it had something to do with a metal badge. Hmmm...

It would not have a party without the women who brought the zip to Zapp Hall...Renee@A Junk Queen, TOT (The Other Theresa)@Time-Worn Interiors, Deb@Talking Trash, and Marcie@UniqueUniqueDesign.

Renee and Sue saying good-bye! Renee, where is that ringing coming from? Oh, yeah, right next to your "missing" glasses! Loved meeting you, girl!


  1. That's Marcie of Unique Unique Design Blog. Thanks for stopping by and the pics. Hope you had a great time. We'll be back at it in 6 months and you always have an open invitation to join. Happy Junkin, Theresa

  2. Amy:
    You are the best...and I ain't kiddin'! You were such great fun and I can't wait to get to visit with you again! I have bragged about you on several blogs which featured your photo! It was worth the whole trip just to meet you! You ain't a bad photographer either. Next time, can you photoshop out my double chins? :)


  3. Amy, It was great to meet you at the Blog Party, great pics! Angie

  4. Amy, I'm so glad you included that map with your really does detail how big this show really is!
    Your photos really captured the day. Great posing here! (although I do usually like to get in my photo op position before the click of a button!). Everyone knows that cameras add pounds and wrinkles, right? LOL
    Again, I want to say how fantastic it was to get to meet and know the face behind the camera!

  5. I was so nice meeting you at the blog party! I had a great time that day!

  6. Leave it to you to capture the real me! Mouth open and everything! Can I steal that photo (and crop out that nasty Malisa!) and use it for my obituary? Until then, can I use it on my blog? I'll give you photo credits in both places!!! I'm serious here!

    I enjoyed meeting you. Hope you enjoyed your stay in and around Aggieland. Did you make it to the Junkgypsy prom?

    The Texas Woman

  7. Girl, I've been waiting for you to post about your time in Texas! Looks like the blog party was a hoot! Too bad we missed each other. Next time for sure. Either in the fall or next spring. When you coming down again to go junking??? Take care!


  8. Come on over and pick up your award when you can! Debbie

  9. More fun that the law should allow! Great pics of a great time! I can't wait til the next one! ~Mindy


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