Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Texas Antique Weekend: The Finds!

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Are you finally ready to see what I picked up at the
Texas Antique Weekend in April?

I thought so! Now onto the goodies!

Vintage Metal Lab Stand
Doesn't it look great with some flower pots added?

Porcelain Knobs & Pocket Watch
The perfect filler for one of those flower pots.

Stamp Holder & Stamps
Are your ideas flowing for how to repurpose this stamp holder?

U.S. Medical Cot/Mattress Covers
I don't know if these are official, but they are absolutely wonderful!

Ship's Keys & Fobs
I think this is one my favorite finds ever! Labeled leather fobs...each with a key ring and key.

Enamelware Tray
I stacked it atop my other one in the master bath.

Metal Letters
Super heavy and expertly patinaed! Go, Aggies!

Cricket Mallet
Something about it spoke to me. I know nothing about the game!

Cricket Mallet
Don't you love the markings? *sigh*

White Metal Shoe Store/Shoe Shine Stool
It's hasn't found its permanent home yet, but isn't it fab?

Metal Medical Stool
It found its perfect home in the entry way.

Salt Shaker Business Card Holder
Had to buy one of these from Jill@Jill Suzanne! Mine is the one far on the left above the "W" in Wood.

Well, I have all but one piece. The last piece made its debut on the Today Show with Sue Whitney. Watch the clip above. Can you guess which piece will eventually make its home at WhisperWood Cottage? Bonus points if you explain your answer!


  1. My guess is the door handles that hold flowers at each place setting...

  2. I am guessing the bottom of the bird cage.

  3. Oh, my God! All three of those ladies talking at once overloaded my male ears and my brain zoned out for its own protection! It was like dropping in on one of my daughter's old slumber parties! I have no idea, which item was yours, but I liked the chair.

    All your finds are great and, as always, expertly photographed. Of course, I do like the metal letters! Whoop! And the ships keys and fobs are great. But I think my favorite is the salt shaker card holders because they're just so clever!

  4. I loved everything, but that stool is really cool! Angie

  5. i love each and every goodie that you found on your Texas Antique Weekend ... totally! i have a thing for door knobs ~ especially the white ones ... and yes, the markings and patina on the cricket paddle really do speak to one, don't they? with you ~ *sigh* ...

    i am guessing that because you seem to be drawn to whites and metals et al ... that you have the wonderful metal chair at whisperwood cottage now? i hope so, cuz i sure love it!

    thanks for sharing ~ love your blog and all your findings!

  6. Wow, now those are some good finds, I especially love the cricket paddle, the stamps and the old letters...! you are so good at repurposing old things...

  7. I have so been waiting for this blog post. lol I was so curious to see what you would find in Texas, and I'm just wondering how you got it all home to Minnesota. You must of shipped it, as you got bigger items as well as really cool stuff.
    I have two of those medical stools at our cabin for our breakfast bar area, and I just love them. The lines are so awesome.
    The doorknobs, vintage pocket watch, shoe shine stool, trays and shaker business card holder are awesome too. My favorite though, might just be those fabulous letters you found. Love them.
    Another great post, and the photography Amy is always so divine. You are one talented and creative gal, and I'm so proud to know you.
    Will you be making it down to our new shop sometime this summer? I sold two of those black/white trays in a smaller size at the first sale. They were swooped right up!

  8. Wow! I love all of the things you do. We thought of you this weekend. Our neighborhor repurposed his BBQ pit making it an outdoor sink. And then turned a wrought iron fruit basket into a pendant lamp shade. Of course I had to tell Jeff what repurposing was!

  9. You got some great stuff, but then again you have an eye for the "good junk"!! :) Such cool photos too! I finally did my 6 Things meme today :)!!

  10. Amy, I am loving the cot covers. I wish I had seen those. Who did you buy them from...was it a local Texas dealer?
    OK, I'm hoping it was the chair because it would look so good with what you have going on in your house and screams you, but the dominoes would be fun for you to work with too. So which piece was it?

  11. You had to buy those A&M letters or you couldn't have lived with yourself! I enjoyed seeing your haul. See you in the fall?

    The Texas Woman

  12. I got an streched octagon ovalish enamel tray with red edge the other day!!! AWESOME!! I will picture it someday!

  13. Oh, my. What beautiful finds! More than that, though, what beautiful photos!

    Are you sure you want to re-purpose the stamp holder? It's so cool looking--it would make a cool piece of art for an office or library.

    Thank you for displaying your treasures!

  14. Oh I just LOVE everything!!!! My fav would have to be the leather key chains too! Maybe all of this stuff came off of a US battleship!!!!
    This is sooo cool.
    I'm sooo jealous!
    everything vintage

  15. Oh my gosh, I love everything! Such cool and vintage stuff you found!

  16. Wow! You always find such wonderful things. The metal stool is so cool. Everything is just great.

    I'll have to come back and watch the clip when I can find my headphone---hubby is watching some kind of stand up comedy thing.

  17. I'm loving everything you brought home. the cricket paddle would have spoken to me too! I love it.. and the white metal stool... I've been on the hunt for one! I love your blog!!!

  18. thats fun that I guessed right! I can't wait to see what you do with it when you get it home......have a great weekend!

  19. Oh great finds! I am looking for an old pocket watch like that! Love the stamp holder! JEn

  20. LOVE the ship keys and fobs, the metal shoe shine stand and oh those cool metal letters, I bet those letters are your keepers!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Tootles Janna

  21. Sorry, been a little slow to catch up on all the blogs. You had some great finds in Texas! My favorite being the one Sue had on the Today show (and the stool). That cricket mallet is pretty awesome, too! You find such great things, we need to go junking again!


  22. I do recall a set of brackets...did you sell them before you could ship them home? The cricket paddle rocks. So...tell me you got that chair. Di you get the chair? ~Mindy


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