Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Shower for Baby Bella!

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appy baby shower, Bella! Your Grandma Deb@Talking Trash is so sweet to host this party for you and your mom Jenn@The Apiary. We are so thrilled to be invited! We love that you are healthy and happy and getting so big!! The only baby I have is Baby Dog Tanner. Yes, he is 8 years old now, but I still ask him every day, "How's mama's baby dog?" He always answers with a happy butt (that's what we call a wagging tail)!!
When Tanner was little, he used to crawl under the itty bitty footstool in the photo above. I used to be able to lift him up and give him little doggy kisses. He grew up quickly though! You will grow just as quickly, so make sure you cuddle and rock with your family as much as possible!
One day you will take your packed lunch, get on the bus, and go off to school. You will love it! Tanner loved it when he went. See his graduation photo above? He was top of his class! He says, "Just do your best, Bella. Your family will be so proud of you!"
Tanner put on his best outfit just for you party today. He's always up to some kind of monkey business! But we love him just as your parents, grandparents, and your blogging family love you!

We're off to socialize at the party! Your Grandma Deb has some great music playing and Tanner is ready to dance!!


  1. Will Tanner be available for tutoring? Just in case she has a little trouble heeling and fetching? I've waited on her so long, I think it will soon be her turn to wait on me!
    Tanner knocks me out, but then so does his owner!

  2. Tanner is so cute. I only have a furbaby too and Murphy Grace does what we call the wiggle butt. He wags his tail so hard that his whole body wiggles. At 70 pounds, that is a lot of wiggling!

  3. Cute doggie! He looks happy!

  4. What a hoot! I'm loving how Tanner puts up with you dressing him. ~Mindy

  5. Next time you come to Texas, you can bring Tanner to play with my Sweetie! By the way, you and Tanner have pics on my post today! :)


  6. Oh Yah! Don't dogs just LOVE being dressed up?!

  7. Hi Amy!
    Tanner is just too precious! I love his outfit, it's perfect for Bella's party!!!!!!
    everything vintage


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